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Homes For Rent in Boulder County in Short Supply

Have you ever considered renting your home in Boulder County?  If so, NOW would be a great time to list it for rent.   Demand for single family homes for rent in Boulder is reaching peak levels that we haven’t seen before.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Boulder County Real Estate Market, with houses going under contract in hours, multiple cash offers, and home buyers out-bidding each other to snag that not-so-perfect house in that not-so-perfect neighborhood.  But what’s going on in the Boulder rental market is equally as impressive.

Here at our Housing Helpers Boulder office we field hundreds of calls each day from prospective renters looking to move to our beautiful City.   Business as usual.   After all, there has always been a lot of demand for folks moving from other parts of the country to seek out the quality of life that we are so lucky to enjoy here in Boulder Colorado – aka “the bubble.   Nothing new to report here right?   Wrong.  Just when we think it can’t get any crazier, the Boulder rental market kicks it up another notch.

It seems that homes for rent in Boulder have now become so desirable, so unattainable, so attractive to renters from all over the globe that we now have achieved the same “feeding frenzy” level that we have in the Boulder real estate market.

Unfortunate or not – depending on which side of the equation you land on.   We are now seeing multiple offers on rental properties, renters competing for the same property, offering more rent trying to outbid the other, and yes renters even penning heartfelt letters to landlords about why they would be the best fit for the property.   Really?

The unfortunate part of this story is that many of these potential renters are arriving here looking for a homes to rent in Boulder without much of a clue as to the reality of the situation.  Often reality will set in only after they might lose out on a home they probably would have been just happy with -but they just waited a couple hours too long to “think about it”, and lost it.  And who can blame them?  It used to be you could take a few hours, heck even a few days, to think it over and make a comfortable decision.  Not anymore.  You have to show up with check book in hand, a perfect credit score, and willing to out-bid others.

One of the most important jobs we can do to help both renters and owners is to help them understand the Boulder rental market.  To educate them on what we are seeing day by day, and hour by hour.  We spend a lot of time talking to renters to try and set their expectations so they can be more prepared to secure homes for rent in Boulder.  To allow them to correctly budget and plan.  But there are always going to be surprises no matter how much you prepare.  Lately the advice seems to be consistent, if you find a place you think you might like- jump on it!!

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Boulder County Real Estate Market Update

Boulder County real estate is booming.   For top real estate agents in Boulder County that might even be an understatement as buyers are lining up outside in a snow storm for first shot at a  new listing.

That’s right, people are actually lining up to buy homes in Boulder County, Colorado. Even an active snowfall doesn’t keep people from flocking to attend open house showings, according to a March report in the Longmont (CO) Times Call.

Amy Drost, Boulder County real estate agent with Housing Helpers of Colorado says the “Boulder County real estate market is extremely competitive” with some homes in good neighborhoods receiving more than 20 or even 30 offers within the first day of active listing.  .

Lisa Wade, president of the Boulder Area Realtor Association calls the current real estate situation in the county a “feeding frenzy.” The number of homes for sale hasn’t been this low for over a decade. As a result, the homes that do go on the market in the county spark fierce bidding battles that soar too high for some prospective buyers.

The county is almost built-out and Boulder itself may enact development restrictions. Eventually no more single-family detached homes will be constructed. This fuels the shortage.

Most of the new development activity now is in the area of multifamily housing. But newly constructed dwellings, particularly those available for sale, aren’t nearly adequate to satisfy the demand. And demand doesn’t appear likely to decline anytime soon.

Population, employment and average wages are growing, yet home ownership rates have dropped to under 45 percent, down nearly 30 percentage points from the early 2000s, according to a local mortgage lender.

The real estate situation in the Denver region bodes well for sellers, many of whom are receiving multiple bids when their homes go on the market. The tight market pushes realtors out their doors quickly to snap up listings as soon as they become available.

The numbers of Boulder County single-family homes for sale have declined in recent years. January 2015 saw 543 single-family homes listed, down from 641 in January 2014 and 787 in 2013. This represents a significant drop from the 1,461 single-family homes listed in Boulder County in 2010.

So prices are rising in keeping with the limited availability of single-family homes.  The 2014 price of a single-family home in Boulder County rose 3.6 percent from the previous year with a median price ringing in at $427,000.

Whether you’re considering buying a home in Boulder County or already own a home in Boulder County we look forward to being here to help you navigate the Boulder County Real Estate Market.

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What’s new in Arvada Colorado

Already known for an absolutely darling old town, Arvada Colorado is attracting more home buyers and renters than ever with new improvements and attractions.

And if you are already considering moving to Arvada, there is more good news for Arvada home buyers – according to Freddie Mac, fixed mortgage rates are now at a 20-month low. As of Feb. 5, lenders are offering an average 3.59 percent on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. A 15-year FRM now averages 2.92 percent.

So what’s new in Arvada Colorado?

City-owned equestrian center: The Arvada Equestrian Arena offers a place for equine enthusiasts of all levels with lessons, clinics and boarding. The center is the embodiment of a dream for lessees Mikia and Harry Parker, who want to share their passionate love of horses with everyone in the community.

Panera Bread and Noodles & Co.: Noodles & Co. offers (surprise!) noodle dishes from around the world, and if you have not tried Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup, you’re in for a treat. These two franchises opened mid-January.

State-of-the-art drive-in theater: While not directly in Arvada, this mammoth screen may be visible from there. We’re kidding, though this theater will boast a 40-foot tall, 92-foot wide screen and will be a short drive away. The expected completion date is Memorial Day weekend.

Along with new additions, Arvada Colorado has some to day-to-day attractions to keep it in your real estate search:

Olde Town Arvada: We told you it was darling. This authentic and adorable area offers a variety of shopping and dining. Construction is underway on a 153-unit apartment nearby.

Arvada Skate Park: With more than 40,000 square feet, this is the third largest skate park in the country. The city also recently redesigned the smaller “skate spot” behind City Hall.

West Arvada Dog Park: This huge, open land dog park is maintained by a community of dog lovers and is a great place for you and your pooch to get outdoors.

Here at Housing Helpers we love Arvada and we lover helping our customers discover the many wonderful neighborhoods in Arvada.  Whether it be new construction in Candelas or Whisper Creek on the Northwest side, or the classic ranch homes within walking distance to the new light rail station in old town, we’d love to show you around some of our favorite neighborhoods Arvada Colorado!

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Boulder Colorado based Zayo Completes Big Acquisition

The Zayo Group, based in Boulder Colorado, recently acquired the Englewood-based Latisys Holdings, according to a report in the Boulder Daily Camera. Latisys, which is a data center and cloud services company, was purchased for $675 million and represents the biggest purchase for Zayo away from its mainstay of fiber and network space, the report stated.

The company — a subsidiary of the broadband infrastructure services provider — previously stated that it was looking to expand its data center business and this is its most aggressive move in that direction yet. Latisys has a total of eight facilities, bringing Zayo’s data center count across the U.S. to 45. It will become part of zColo, and is expected to increase the revenue of that division by 80 percent.

75 percent of the earnings for Latisys are generated from its colocation business, with the rest coming from cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service offerings, the report noted. The cloud side of Latisys will become part of the new Zayo Cloud and Connectivity division, formerly known as Zayo’s Lit Services.

The acquisition of Latisys is the second-largest for Zayo, the report stated. The company has now completed more than thirty acquisitions and is representative of the moving and shaking and the big things that are happening with Boulder-based and Colorado-based businesses.

Whether it’s that thriving business atmosphere or the beauty of the outdoors that has you moving to Boulder Colorado, we would love to help you find the perfect home. We’ve spent decades in Colorado — we know real estate and we know the Boulder County area. Put that experience to work for you.

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Boulder home prices poised for growth

The bubble is secure.  The bubble around Boulder that is.  It appears Boulder home prices are once again headed higher.

Google recently announced its plans to expand their Boulder campus near the Transit Center at Pearl Street.  The city of Boulder has approved Google’s plans to expand to a three building campus that will now employ around 1500 people. A pretty significant increase from the 400 employees that currently work for Google in Boulder.

Most communities would be really excited to welcome so many new, high paying technology-based jobs in their community, but Boulder Colorado citizens have their concerns.

According to the CNN Money article, “In Boulder, Fear of A Bigger Boulder”

“The plan has locals worried about rising home costs and traffic. Dozens of residents have expressed their concern at city meetings and editorials in the local paper.

City Council member Mary Young has said she’s wary of becoming a “Silicon Mountain,” referencing the high cost of living in Silicon Valley.”

While some fear the rising cost of new homes, others will see the bright side and take advantage of the opportunity to invest in houses in neighboring communities.  Boulder has restrictions on new buildings which already leads to expensive Boulder home prices, so many people commute from neighboring towns like Longmont, Colorado.

Longmont’s home prices are much more affordable and they will likely see an influx of new home buyers and house renters from the new Google employees, or from current Boulder residents who decide to cash in on the high home prices by selling their Boulder homes and looking for a house in Longmont themselves.

Buying a home before the influx of new employees can lead to a quick profit turn around or a very desirable home for rental income. Investing in Boulder homes is always a great idea, but if the Boulder home prices are too much for your liking, you will find some really enticing home investment options in nearby cities.  We can help you find them.

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Seattle Company Buys Big in Boulder Colorado

It may be the largest real estate transaction in the history of Boulder, Colorado. The Seattle-based company Unico Properties recently purchased 27 buildings in four different office parks in the city’s east side, the Boulder Daily Camera reported. The purchase amounts for more than 1 million square feet of office space, which is added to the nearly 400,000 square feet that the company already owned here.

The article noted that deeds filed at the Boulder County Recorder’s Office suggest that at least $168 million was paid for the properties.

Ned Carner — Unico Vice President of Acquisitions — reported that the company likes Boulder and believes it is a great place for real estate. Unico has, with this transaction, now become one of the biggest property players in Boulder, the Daily Camera noted.

The purchase of these properties as well as construction at Boulder Junction and Google’s plans to build a new complex are believed to be upping the value of office space in the east side of the city.

According to the article, Carner agreed, stating that the transportation infrastructure and amenity base at Boulder Junction are making the area more desirable for businesses wishing to relocate or expand.

The company is looking to help tenants attract and retain top talent by investing capital for improvements in the buildings’ tenant spaces, common areas, and accessibility to amenities.

Boulder is, indeed, a desirable place for business. It’s a wonderful place to live, as well. If your business is bringing you to Boulder, let us help you find a great home for you and your family as well as corporate housing for your employees.

With years of experience in the area, we know the neighborhoods well and we know there’s a match for you. For more information, contact us today. 303.545.6000

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Crowdfunding Colorado Real Estate Gaining Traction

Looking for capital to invest in Colorado real estate?  Consider crowdfunding.

If you’re unaware of the term, crowdfunding is a means of raising money for a project by seeking contributions from a large number of people. It’s been popularized online with websites like Kickstarter.

That’s not to say that crowdfunding a real estate investment in Colorado is for everybody. The minimum capital required, as of this writing, starts at $5,000. For some properties, it can go much higher.

Still, with crowdfunding, the real estate investor risks less money. Of course, that lower risk also results in a diminished return.

Broadmark Capital oversees funds that are used to lend money to real estate investors. One of those funds has a focus on metro Denver.

The company recently used RealCrowd, an online crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter, to connect investors with capital.

Adam Fountain is a managing director at Broadmark. He said that, using RealCrowd, the company raised $3 million for one fund in just 3 months. That’s money from brand new investors that the company would not have been able to raise otherwise.

Broadmark also raised $5 million for a second fund and has turned to crowdfunding to reach its goal of $50 million.

As of this writing, Broadmark loans are supporting more than a dozen projects in the Mountain West, including homes in North Denver and Milliken. It should be noted that these are “hard money” loans and are offered with a heftier price tag – a 12.5% interest rate. That’s significantly higher than a bank loan given the current yield on the 30 Year Treasury.

Broadmark typically requires investors in its fund to pony up at least $100,000. However, with the use of RealCrowd, the company was able to lower that limit to $25,000.

Joshua Dorkin is the CEO of the online real estate community BiggerPockets. He said small-scale operators are interested in crowdfunding, but that interest is limited because of the headaches associated with dealing with multiple investors on a small project.

It’s also possible that unsophisticated investors, lured by the possibility of a positive return with minimal investment, might lose money on bad deals, he said.

Purchasing investment property in Colorado can be complex, consider working with a Colorado real estate agent with Housing Helpers.  Our realtors know the investment market as well as the rental market to help you understand all of your options both before and after the purchase.

Boulder Real Estate Market

Boulder Home Prices Rise 8% in 2014

Home Prices in Boulder Colorado Are Up

Residential real estate prices in Boulder Colorado are up, according to Zillow, which is a trend that has been continuing for the past two years.

Median home values have risen by 7.9 percent in the past year with a predicted increase of 1.5 percent in the coming year. This is the value of all homes in the city, whether or not they’re on the market.
Some of the median values in Boulder neighborhoods include:

  • $584,800 for North Border
  • $535,200 for Whittier
  • $414,500 for Parkside
  • $361,600 for East Aurora.

Here’s how the Boulder real estate market stacks up:

  • Overall Median list price is $599,000 for a median price per square foot of $336.
  • The median sold price is $476,250, which equals a median price per square foot of $287.
  • Less than 2 percent of homes sold below their initial asking price.
  • Only about 0.5 percent of homes in the city have foreclosures, which is far lower than the national 4.2 percent.
  • Delinquencies, which are generally recognized as precursors to foreclosures, are at 0.7 percent, which is lower than the national 6.4 percent.
  • About 6.6 percent of the homes have negative equity, compared to 16.9 percent nationwide.

Here’s how the Boulder rental market is shaping up:

  • Median rents run $1,972 a month, which means that after 3.7 years of payments, buying a home becomes more financially advantageous than selling.
  • Studios rent for a median $900 a month and one-bedrooms go for $1,700.

All these factors make for a very healthy and robust housing market- albeit expensive for many.  Boulder continues to draw home buyers and renters from all over the country – and the world – it’s a beautiful place to live with an excellent quality of life.

If these numbers tempt you into the housing market, please let us know. But don’t wait too long. The Mortgage Bankers’ Association sees interest rates rising to 5 percent by the end of 2015!


Stephanie Iannone Real Estate Agent

Stephanie Iannone Colorado Realtor

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Stephanie Iannone, ABR, CNE is a Boulder Real Estate Agent, Managing Broker and Owner of Housing Helpers of Colorado. Named Distinguished Realtor of the Year and Top 25 Salespeople in Colorado by Colorado-Biz Magazine. Stephanie Iannone and her team of experienced real estate agents serve home buyers, sellers, and real estate investors throughout the entire front range of Colorado.

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Four things that could make purchasing Real Estate easier in 2015

We’ve all had thoughts of “if only I’d known then what I know now…” Well, sorry, but here’s another one: The four things that could make purchasing Real Estate easier in the new year.

Loosened mortgage lending.

You may have heard the recent story about how former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was unable to get a refinance loan. When I read that, I wondered how many would-be home buyers also read it and just gave up on the idea. For many, logic would dictate that if Ben Bernanke couldn’t get a loan, they probably couldn’t. Well, one of the things the latest federal budget bill did is help loosen mortgage lending. Good news for Ben. Good news for you.

Down payment requirements will be lower.

After the financial meltdown of 2008, down payment requirements for mortgages went up as high as 25 percent, according to SFGate.com. But Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now offering lower down payments.

Growth in home prices will be slower.

This means there could be more bargains out there, relatively speaking - the real estate market in Colorado is still very strong. Of course, in some areas, prices will rise more sharply, while in others growth will be slower. But, on average, home values will grow at a slower pace than we’re historically used to. But eventually, growth in those values will increase. That will make buying a home a sound investment over the long term.

Low interest rates will continue.

This has been the 800 pound gorilla in the financial room for six years now. The federal funds rate has been at or near zero percent since December, 2008, and it’s expected to remain low for some time. As long as the federal funds rate is low, mortgage and other credit interest rates will also be low. Until now, that low rate has primarily benefited Wall Street and high net worth investors. But, when you add looser credit and lower down payment requirements into the mix, middle America will now reap some benefit as well.

Here’s the takeaway for those who would like to buy their first home, or upgrade to something larger:  You can wonder “if only I’d acted on what I knew in January”, or you can start actively exploring the real estate market in Colorado now.

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Erie Colorado Homes For Sale

Include Erie Colorado in your new home search

Erie Colorado is a small town filled with character and beautiful homes, often described as quaint but still located close to both Boulder and Denver. When choosing to settle down in a new neighborhood, families often look for the perfect mix of beauty and safety that a small town offers combined with the convenience of living close to a metro area. Erie, Colorado offers just that combination.

Erie Colorado is unique in that it strives to keep in touch with its roots. Even its town website proudly announces that it was founded in 1874. Recently the town has dedicated its financial budget to renovating and improving its public works and school systems. Today Erie has three elementary schools, a middle school and a high school in which you can choose to enroll your children in. Its January/February newsletter talks about some of its most recent accomplishments in the new year, one of them including being placed number 2 in the Best Places for Young Families rankings by Nerd Wallet.

Erie Colorado is considered to be a wonderful historic neighborhood that focuses on its community and you can see this by traveling throughout the beautiful developments Downtown. The town also just announced that it invested over $61,500 in historic Downtown improvements. There are multiple small get together spots as well as larger community parks and even a dog park. Erie focuses on its community by implementing several programs such as a Concert in the Park series and as well as committee dedicated to hosting art in public places throughout the town.

In addition to its wonderful community, Erie Colorado offers lower prices compared to towns that are located just outside of Denver. The 15 minute drive from Boulder allows for beautiful homes in Erie Colorado to be offered at an average price of $329,132 according to this real estate summary. The town also offers newer homes to choose from with an average home age of 4 years. Home prices also vary due to which county the real estate is located in. Erie CO is located in both Weld County and Boulder County, and the homes located in Boulder County tend to cost more.

There are quite a few new real estate listings in Erie Colorado. Even though the average home last year was around $300,000 there are listings that range both below and above that amount. If you are interested in learning more about Erie Colorado, contact Housing Helpers to find out more about real estate opportunities in Erie CO.

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