More Money Budgeted to Promote Tourism in Colorado

Tourism is big business for Colorado. However, according to Gov. John Hickenlooper, as quoted in a recent article from the Denver Post, tourism is also an industry, and like any other industry, it requires maintaining and growing your investments.

This year, the state legislature’s Joint Budget Committee approved an increase in the tourism promotion budget to $19 million — up from $17 million last year. It’s the most money budgeted for tourism since 2006, the year that the state’s tourism office was created.

It seems like a lot of money until you see the amount that tourism pours into the state. 2013 — the most recent year for which data has been compiled — set records, with 64.6 million people visiting the state and spending $17.3 billion, the article stated. According to the state tourism office, the 2013 tourism ad campaign provided $344 in travel spending for every $1 invested. It was a sharp increase from the $228 per every dollar invested the year before.

The tourism office gets $15 million a year from gaming taxes in order to promote tourism in the state. This year, they requested an extra $5 million in order to bolster their ad campaign, promote international travel, and support their agritourism initiative.

Although there was some question as to whether or not increasing the budget in recent years was the catalyst for increased tourism or if it was simply a sign of an improving economy, the committee approved the request. One representative said that tourism is one of the easiest budget items to identify.

If you love Colorado, why just be a visitor here? This is a state rich in economic opportunities that allow you the chance to live and work here. Housing Helpers is ready to assist you in finding the perfect Colorado home for yourself and your family. For more information about Colorado Real Estate, Rentals, Corporate Housing, or Relocation Services, contact us.

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Millennial Impact on the Real Estate Market

As the years pass a new generation of home buyers rise. Yes, members of the millennial generation have been buying houses for several years now, but now the vast majority of the generation has hit their 20’s, and so the number of home buyers will increase dramatically.

Lucy Mueller shares the words of Nela Richardson, the chief economist for Redfin, in her article “Why Millennials Are Better At Home Buying Than You”:

“Millennials will have a huge impact on the housing market for the next decade, just because of demographics alone. So whatever a few of them do, there’s enough of them that they’ll make a big impact.”

With this rising generation of home buyers, a change in the home buying dynamics is inevitable. This includes the relationship between buyers and their real estate agents and realtors.

Generation of the Techies

The millennial generation is technologically savvy and it shows in their house buying. This generation prefers text messaging and emails to phone calls and face to face interactions, and considers the internet an all-knowing source. This generation of buyers will undoubtedly do the bulk of their shopping via online Realtor websites, perusing inside and outside photos before ever setting up an appointment with an agent to see the house.

Generation of the Housing Crash

This generation also watched the housing market crash and the economy fall. A trust has been lost or at the very least shaken, particularly with financial lending institutions. Alan J. Heavens shares in his article “On the House: Millennial buyers are few, dependent on Realtors”:

ClosingCorp of San Diego, which provides residential real estate closing-cost data and technology for the mortgage and real estate services industries, found in a survey that two-thirds of the 1,000 millennials it surveyed were unaware that closing costs were involved in buying a house. If a millennial does know anything about closing costs, he or she finds out by talking to a real estate agent rather than a lender, the survey showed.

The millennial generation is looking more to real estate agents and realtors than previous generations for knowledge of the ins and outs of house buying.

The next decade will see what other changes may take place as the millennial’s flood the housing market with buying their first and second home

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Apartments For Rent Boulder Colorado

Three Things Parents Should Consider When Searching Apartments For Rent

Finding a great apartment to rent that you and your family will love can be a daunting task. Affordability may well be the first consideration, however, it is certainly not the only thing to think about. When looking at apartments, you have to look beyond price and consider some other factors that will have a dramatic effect on your family’s quality of life.

Adequate Interior Space

No matter how close your family is, living in a crowded apartment puts a strain on your relationships. Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, it’s vital that you all have enough personal space and privacy.   Of course, you also want enough room to gather the family so that you can spend valuable time together. In addition, consider the amount of storage space for items such as, clothing, toys and household goods.

Apartment Amenities

While many adults long for a gourmet kitchen and garden tub, what’s important to children is much different. Apartment complexes that have fenced in courtyards and play areas should be at the top of your list. Be sure to spend time inspecting the equipment and yard to be sure that it is well-maintained and safe for use.

A swimming pool is also a great amenity for kids, as long as it is secure so that children cannot enter on their own. Finally, ask about on-site laundry facilities. Your kids are going to get dirty and make messes and this little amenity will make your life, and theirs much more pleasant.

Apartment Location Is Key

Every family has their own list of things that they want, or need, to be close to. Living a short distance from your job or children’s school may well be on the top of your list of necessities. Easy access to local parks, playgrounds, and family-friendly entertainment options might also make it to your list of things to consider. For some, an apartment that is close to grocery stores and other retail establishments fits the bill. Make your own list and search for places that suit your needs the best.

If you’re looking for an apartment that you and your family will be proud to call home, please contact Housing Helpers free apartment finder service. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding an apartment for rent that’s close to everything you need, including shopping, schools and entertainment.

Call us at 303.545.6000 or

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3 Reasons To Consider An Apartment For Your Next Lease

Deciding where to live involves numerous personal factors as well as unique preferences. With the amount of living options available, you should conduct some research to figure out what you really searching for. Apartments are a perfect option for both people living alone and even groups in need of up to four bedrooms. Here are 3 reasons that you should consider apartments for your next lease.

Apartment maintenance, the easiest option on the rental market.

Apartments are extremely simple to maintain, largely because there is no yard. Which means you’ll never have to worry about yard work or really anything past your front door. A majority of apartment complexes offer an in-house maintenance services that takes care of most maintenance needs, even easy things like changing lightbulbs. They also perform maintenance on appliances, HVAC units, as well as handling bug infestations. Talk about convenient living!


Apartment amenities are more than just icing on the cake.

Apartment complexes have been accumulating more unique amenities to attract and retain residents. They do this by simply adding extra ease and comfort to their residents’ daily lives. Fully equipped gyms mean that you have the availability to work out in the comfort of your apartment complex! This makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle significantly easier for any resident. Pools, office centers and other amenities are also popular apartment amenities supplied for the residents’ convenience!


Apartments offer a strong community atmosphere for residents.

Using fun activities and community events, many apartment complexes are creating a unique culture amongst residents. This truly brings out the social side of living in apartments, giving residents the opportunity to meet and mingle with their neighbors. Creating a wonderful community through developing lifelong friendships for residents. This inevitable leads to a safer environment where people know and look out for each other!


Apartments are a terrific leasing option for both single dwellers as well as groups. Contact Housing Helpers for more information on why apartment living could be perfect for you.  303.545.6000.

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Colorado Farm Land

Northern Colorado Could See Economic Boom As Agriculture Soars

Northern Colorado is poised to see tremendous economic growth in the next decade as the Front Range becomes an agricultural powerhouse.   Home prices in northern Colorado could see direct and indirect effects.

Comparisons have been made between Northern Colorado and the Netherlands in terms of the potential for agricultural success. The Netherlands have a small region of land that directly benefits from innovation at the local universities regarding agricultural technology. This partnership has led to economic prosperity for the Netherlands.

Similarly, Colorado State University is a hub for agricultural technology that innovates and discovers new techniques and files patents that serve the local businesses that focus on agriculture. Experts believe that the next 10 years could lead to major economic pay-offs for the region because of the agricultural focus. As agricultural regions see growth, cities like Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Erie and northern Boulder County will likely see a major rise in home prices.

For people who can see this economic boom coming and take advantage of the low home prices available now, major profits could be possible when they are ready to sell their home in about ten years. In the meantime, residents of northern Colorado will enjoy the incredible quality of life and stable economic growth of an area that is great for families.

According to the Colorado Public Radio article, “Colorado’s Ag Industry is Growing Like a Weed” by Megan Arellano,

“Colorado’s food and agriculture industries have been growing two to four times faster than the overall state economy, according to a report by CSU economist Greg Graff. And as KUNC reports, Graff says that state could become the “Silicon Valley for agriculture in the 21st century.”

Communities that cater to agriculture within Colorado will grow more and more prosperous making them great places to put down some roots today.

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Broomfield Colorado Task Force to Search for Affordable Housing Opportunities

According to a report from the Broomfield Enterprise, while the city has seen a housing boom in recent years, particularly with apartment rentals, what it’s lacking is affordable housing for low income, homeless, and at-risk residents of Broomfield Colorado.

44 members of the Broomfield community met in February to discuss the issue and begun forming the new Affordable Housing Task Force, with the hope of bringing together local governments, businesses, nonprofits, and the faith community.

The typical measurement of housing affordability is if the cost of renting the home is no more than thirty percent of the family’s monthly income, the report noted. However, the average two-bedroom apartment in Broomfield Colorado rents for $1,480. This means that the family who lives in that apartment home would have to make at least $4,900 a month in order to afford to live there.

Though there are a number of options in the city to help people with their rent and other housing costs such as utilities, including federal and local programs, there aren’t enough options for transitional housing for those who are just getting back on their feet, the article noted. In spite of the addition of new housing developments in the years since the 2012 report that the city got its housing figures was published, there have not been additions of affordable or transitional units.

Currently, the process of whittling the task group down from the 44 Broomfield residents who attended the meeting to a group of seven to ten, with the option of calling in additional people with specific expertise to help the group find or create the affordable housing opportunities. It is unclear how long it will be necessary for the task force to continue meeting.

If you’re interested in living in the city of Broomfield Colorado, we can help you to find an apartment or home that you can afford in a neighborhood you’ll love.  Contact us to get started today. 303.545.6000

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Gunbarrel is a sweet spot for homeowners and renters

Gunbarrel is situated in the northeast part of Boulder and is home to three schools, several large employers, a museum, established neighborhoods, and new luxury apartments. According to the census, many Gunbarrel homeowners are married with children and enjoy short commutes to their jobs in the Boulder and Longmont area. They tend to have median household incomes in excess of $75,000 and the average home typically sells for between $375,000 and $750,000.

The average rent in Gunbarrel, on the other hand, generally falls somewhere between $1,000 and $1,600 a month for a one-bedroom apartment with some exceptions.  In recent years we have seen the construction of several hundred new apartments in Gunbarrel.  These new luxury apartments offer renters the high-end style and amenities formerly only found in the downtown Boulder rental market.

Many of the area’s homeowner residents live in the covenanted community called Gunbarrel Green. It is located within close access to a variety of regional attractions beloved by families, couples and singles alike. The list of nearby destinations includes, but isn’t limited to Tom Watson Park and the LOBO Regional Trail. The bike, pedestrian and pet-friendly trail actually runs from the City of Longmont to the City of Boulder. Thus, Gunbarrel residents that access the trail from the Boulder area will be able to enjoy 12 miles worth of exercise opportunities.

As for Tom Watson Park, it’s a great place to hang out with the family spring, summer and fall. There are a variety of sports areas available where Gunbarrel residents may play tennis, basketball, softball, volleyball and baseball. There are picnic areas, a playground, walking trails and public restrooms on site too. Therefore, it is very easy for families living in Gunbarrel to spend the whole day enjoying the great, Colorado outdoors alone or with others.

On those few rainy days in Gunbarrel, there are indoor activities nearby too, like the museum we mentioned earlier. Known as the Leanin’ Tree, families may visit it seven days a week, for free. The museum hosts a 45 minute long tour, indoor exhibits, a gift shop and outdoor sculpture garden. There are also free tours available to Gunbarrel families at one of the area’s largest employers, the Celestial Seasonings plant. In addition to the tours, it features an on site eatery, sampling bar and tea shop.

To learn more about life in Gunbarrel and which homes are currently available for sale or rent, please contact us at Housing Helpers 303.545.6000

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Home For Rent in Boulder Colorado

Homes For Rent in Boulder County in Short Supply

Have you ever considered renting your home in Boulder County?  If so, NOW would be a great time to list it for rent.   Demand for single family homes for rent in Boulder is reaching peak levels that we haven’t seen before.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Boulder County Real Estate Market, with houses going under contract in hours, multiple cash offers, and home buyers out-bidding each other to snag that not-so-perfect house in that not-so-perfect neighborhood.  But what’s going on in the Boulder rental market is equally as impressive.

Here at our Housing Helpers Boulder office we field hundreds of calls each day from prospective renters looking to move to our beautiful City.   Business as usual.   After all, there has always been a lot of demand for folks moving from other parts of the country to seek out the quality of life that we are so lucky to enjoy here in Boulder Colorado – aka “the bubble.   Nothing new to report here right?   Wrong.  Just when we think it can’t get any crazier, the Boulder rental market kicks it up another notch.

It seems that homes for rent in Boulder have now become so desirable, so unattainable, so attractive to renters from all over the globe that we now have achieved the same “feeding frenzy” level that we have in the Boulder real estate market.

Unfortunate or not – depending on which side of the equation you land on.   We are now seeing multiple offers on rental properties, renters competing for the same property, offering more rent trying to outbid the other, and yes renters even penning heartfelt letters to landlords about why they would be the best fit for the property.   Really?

The unfortunate part of this story is that many of these potential renters are arriving here looking for a homes to rent in Boulder without much of a clue as to the reality of the situation.  Often reality will set in only after they might lose out on a home they probably would have been just happy with -but they just waited a couple hours too long to “think about it”, and lost it.  And who can blame them?  It used to be you could take a few hours, heck even a few days, to think it over and make a comfortable decision.  Not anymore.  You have to show up with check book in hand, a perfect credit score, and willing to out-bid others.

One of the most important jobs we can do to help both renters and owners is to help them understand the Boulder rental market.  To educate them on what we are seeing day by day, and hour by hour.  We spend a lot of time talking to renters to try and set their expectations so they can be more prepared to secure homes for rent in Boulder.  To allow them to correctly budget and plan.  But there are always going to be surprises no matter how much you prepare.  Lately the advice seems to be consistent, if you find a place you think you might like- jump on it!!

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Boulder County Real Estate Market Update

Boulder County real estate is booming.   For top real estate agents in Boulder County that might even be an understatement as buyers are lining up outside in a snow storm for first shot at a  new listing.

That’s right, people are actually lining up to buy homes in Boulder County, Colorado. Even an active snowfall doesn’t keep people from flocking to attend open house showings, according to a March report in the Longmont (CO) Times Call.

Amy Drost, Boulder County real estate agent with Housing Helpers of Colorado says the “Boulder County real estate market is extremely competitive” with some homes in good neighborhoods receiving more than 20 or even 30 offers within the first day of active listing.  .

Lisa Wade, president of the Boulder Area Realtor Association calls the current real estate situation in the county a “feeding frenzy.” The number of homes for sale hasn’t been this low for over a decade. As a result, the homes that do go on the market in the county spark fierce bidding battles that soar too high for some prospective buyers.

The county is almost built-out and Boulder itself may enact development restrictions. Eventually no more single-family detached homes will be constructed. This fuels the shortage.

Most of the new development activity now is in the area of multifamily housing. But newly constructed dwellings, particularly those available for sale, aren’t nearly adequate to satisfy the demand. And demand doesn’t appear likely to decline anytime soon.

Population, employment and average wages are growing, yet home ownership rates have dropped to under 45 percent, down nearly 30 percentage points from the early 2000s, according to a local mortgage lender.

The real estate situation in the Denver region bodes well for sellers, many of whom are receiving multiple bids when their homes go on the market. The tight market pushes realtors out their doors quickly to snap up listings as soon as they become available.

The numbers of Boulder County single-family homes for sale have declined in recent years. January 2015 saw 543 single-family homes listed, down from 641 in January 2014 and 787 in 2013. This represents a significant drop from the 1,461 single-family homes listed in Boulder County in 2010.

So prices are rising in keeping with the limited availability of single-family homes.  The 2014 price of a single-family home in Boulder County rose 3.6 percent from the previous year with a median price ringing in at $427,000.

Whether you’re considering buying a home in Boulder County or already own a home in Boulder County we look forward to being here to help you navigate the Boulder County Real Estate Market.

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What’s new in Arvada Colorado

Already known for an absolutely darling old town, Arvada Colorado is attracting more home buyers and renters than ever with new improvements and attractions.

And if you are already considering moving to Arvada, there is more good news for Arvada home buyers – according to Freddie Mac, fixed mortgage rates are now at a 20-month low. As of Feb. 5, lenders are offering an average 3.59 percent on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. A 15-year FRM now averages 2.92 percent.

So what’s new in Arvada Colorado?

City-owned equestrian center: The Arvada Equestrian Arena offers a place for equine enthusiasts of all levels with lessons, clinics and boarding. The center is the embodiment of a dream for lessees Mikia and Harry Parker, who want to share their passionate love of horses with everyone in the community.

Panera Bread and Noodles & Co.: Noodles & Co. offers (surprise!) noodle dishes from around the world, and if you have not tried Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup, you’re in for a treat. These two franchises opened mid-January.

State-of-the-art drive-in theater: While not directly in Arvada, this mammoth screen may be visible from there. We’re kidding, though this theater will boast a 40-foot tall, 92-foot wide screen and will be a short drive away. The expected completion date is Memorial Day weekend.

Along with new additions, Arvada Colorado has some to day-to-day attractions to keep it in your real estate search:

Olde Town Arvada: We told you it was darling. This authentic and adorable area offers a variety of shopping and dining. Construction is underway on a 153-unit apartment nearby.

Arvada Skate Park: With more than 40,000 square feet, this is the third largest skate park in the country. The city also recently redesigned the smaller “skate spot” behind City Hall.

West Arvada Dog Park: This huge, open land dog park is maintained by a community of dog lovers and is a great place for you and your pooch to get outdoors.

Here at Housing Helpers we love Arvada and we lover helping our customers discover the many wonderful neighborhoods in Arvada.  Whether it be new construction in Candelas or Whisper Creek on the Northwest side, or the classic ranch homes within walking distance to the new light rail station in old town, we’d love to show you around some of our favorite neighborhoods Arvada Colorado!

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