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Five tips for a successful Relocation

Whether you are used to moving or not, relocation can be a stressful time. Packing up and moving across several states can be difficult. Relocating and starting out somewhere new is equally stressful. You need to find a new place to live, a new community, and new friends. However, with a little bit of patience and plans, it can go smoothly.

Here are five simple tips to help your relocation go a little smoother.

  1. Ask for a Relocation Package.   If you are moving for your job, ask if they have job relocation package or some type of relocation assistance available. If they do not, be prepared to negotiate. Relocation can be very expensive and they might be willing to help cover some of the costs.

  2. Take a trip.  If you have time, try to take a trip to your new location to explore before you move. This will give you a chance to see where you are going to be living. You might be able to explore different neighborhoods, talk to some people about the schools, and more. You can find out what there is to do around the town for both you and your whole family.

  3. Don’t rush into buying.  Start by renting (short term, if possible) instead of buying a home or signing a long term lease. You should always try renting a month to month or corporate apartment if possible. Though it will take a few months to get used to a new location, you do not want to buy a home if you might not like the job or your new neighborhood.  Corporate housing serves perfectly for an interim living situation during a relocation.

  4. Stay organized. A big relocation move requires a lot of organization. Be prepared to make a lot of lists and follow them.   You\r relocation company or moving company should be able to provide you with some handy lists to keep your move organized.

  5. Use a local realtor. A good LOCAL realtor in your destination City is one of the best tools you can have. She will know a lot about the location where you are looking plus the best way to buy a home there. She will be able to help you through the whole inspection and buying process.  Many will also be able to help you settle into the neighborhood.

Relocation can be a very scary term. However, with a lot of organization ( and help from good relocation professionals and realtors ), you will be settled in your new home in no time. You should always try to visit the area - and spend time there - before you move so you can see if you are going to like living there. Also, try to find a place where you can rent month to month instead of buying a home, just in case.

For relocation assistance in Colorado you can call Housing Helpers at 303.545.6000 and we will make your relocation that much easier!

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Fall Preleasing Boulder Colorado

2015 Fall Preleasing in Boulder, a CU Students Guide to finding off campus rentals in Boulder

Welcome to 2015 Fall preleasing in Boulder!

Fall preleasing in Boulder is that time of year where CU students start looking to find off campus rentals in Boulder for next year – and when property owners look to sign leases for next year, typically in August.

Every year, here at Housing Helpers, we put together a guideline for University of Colorado Boulder Students, Parents, Faculty, and those looking to secure a place to rent off campus in Boulder for the following academic season.   From tools and tips, to help searching for the prefect apartment or home rental in Boulder, we are here to help you.

Where to find rental properties available for Fall Preleasing in Boulder

Here at Housing Helpers in Boulder we connect thousands of CU student renters each year with great rental properties in Boulder.  We are here to help students and their families navigate the hundreds of choices for student rental properties in Boulder to find the right one for you.   Our office is open six days a week and is staffed with friendly rental specialists that can answer your questions. Our office is located one block from the University of Colorado at 2865 Baseline Rd.  Call Us 303-545-6000

Housing Helpers Boulder’s Fall Preleasing Headquarters!

How to be prepared for Fall Preleasing in Boulder

Tip 1 – Set up a time to come in and meet with a rental locating specialist here in our office.  Make sure that all of your roommates can attend the meeting together.   Call our office at 303.545.6000 to set your appointment.

Tip 2 -  Once we identify a list of properties that meets your needs we will set up the showings for you.   Be on time for your showings and make sure that everyone that needs to see the property is present- whether its roommates, parents, cosigners etc.  Properties go fast, often times there is no time for multiple showings.

Tip 3 -  Have your security deposit check ready.  Some landlords may require a cashier’s check or money order, but we find that most will accept a bank check.  Check with your bank ( or your parents) in advance to make sure you are ready to put down a deposit.

Tip 4- Applications will need to be filled out.  These can take a few minutes.  To save time you can complete these in advance and be one step ahead of the game!   Application fees will need to be paid once your applications are submitted for the property.  These fees can vary depending on the property.

Tip 5 – Parental guarantee forms may be required.  These are forms that your parents will need to fill out.  Just like the application fees you can have these completed in advance so that you are ready to rent that perfect place when you find it!

Tip 6 – Know the occupancy laws.  If you are renting in Boulder check with the City to make sure the property you are renting allows the number of occupants that you have.   Here is good resource for more information on this.

Tip 7 – Working fast is key.   Fall prelease properties in Boulder move fast!  If you are interested in a property chances are there are others interested in it as well.    Be ready to act quickly to secure that property and take action as soon as you are interested.  Leases are made on a first come first serve basis.

Tip 8 – Don’t fret if you don’t find a place right away.  Consider waiting it out until the spring and summer months, there are lots of properties that don’t prelease in advance.  And many times the rent prices on those properties will be less.

Fall preleasing in Boulder can be stressful for students and parents.  Just remember, we are here to Help!  Let our experience and expertise in the Boulder rental market take away some of the stress and help make the process of finding a new place to live easier.   We look forward to working with you!   You can reach our Boulder office at 303-545-6000, open Monday through Saturdays.



Colorado resorts rebounding from recession

When you told your friends that you were relocating to Colorado, someone probably assumed that you’d take up skiing in your spare time. Seeing how the front range is in close proximity to a number of the state’s best resorts, there would be no reason not to assume that.

According to a recent article in the Denver Post, the resorts have woken up from their recession slumber and are seeing the highest number of new hotels and fractional homes under construction since 2007-08, when the recession began. The recession hit the tourism industry across the nation particularly hard, as people had less money to spend on vacation. With the money coming back into the state now, the resort communities and the companies who own property there have more to invest in the projects that have long been put on hold.

The resort industry is not coming back in quite the same way, however. According to the article, fewer of the new construction projects would be considered grandiose. Instead, they’re more affordable. Approachable. They’re an attempt to seek a crowd that may not be as quick to make buying decisions, and are more likely to be looking for something for the long term, rather than a quick financial play.

Residents of Colorado truly have the best of all worlds: Thriving business communities in which to work; vibrant communities full of arts, culture, and top-of-the-line educational opportunities in which to live; and plenty of nearby mountains where they can enjoy time away. If you’re ready for that kind of life, then contact us. We’ll help you find your new home in Colorado.

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Arvada Colorado plans net-zero community

Arvada Colorado could soon be home to the largest net-zero community in North America. According to the Denver Post, a net-zero community is one who makes as much energy as it consumes, using power from only solar, wind, or geothermal generation systems.


Developer Norbert Klebl’s planned 25-acre Geos neighborhood was put on the back burner in 2009 due to economic woes. However, it’s now a priority again, the Post reported, with the developer having worked with the city for the past two years to get mixed use permits and approve a modified zoning code for the development. That said, the city was in favor of the project all along as it addresses sustainability and efficiency — both important considerations for a location reaching full build out.


The project provides for 308 units, including solar cottages and multi-family homes. The homes will feature construction that reduces energy consumption by 75 percent and provide 60 percent of winter heating needs through the sun in the windows.


Though the homes have higher upfront costs, Klebl says the cost will be returned through lower utility costs. However, the Post article notes, banks often don’t want to cover the higher mortgage of energy efficient homes, which makes the sale of them more reliant on buyers with disposable income.


Are you looking for homes in Colorado with energy efficient features and sustainable construction? Housing Helpers can assist you in finding the home of your dreams in Arvada Colorado or neighboring cities by learning about your priorities and searching for homes that fit both your wants and your needs. For more information about our personalized relocation services in Arvada Colorado, contact us today.



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Broomfield Colorado First Bank Center

Broomfield Colorado leaders vision new downtown

Broomfield Colorado doesn’t want a traditional looking downtown. According to a report from the Boulder Daily Camera, the city’s leaders are, instead, seeking proposals from developers who share their vision of what the space should look like: a gathering space that includes recreation opportunities, housing, and shops into a park-like area that reflects Broomfield’s sense of community.

Broomfield never had a downtown area that the city developed around. The planned 61-acre Civic Center project calls for such an area to include existing buildings and apartment homes, as well as bike and pedestrian trails near city hall, the library and the auditorium, as well as upgrades to the Community Park pond, the report stated.

Currently, buildings occupy about 15 of the 61 acres of the Civic Center area, with the rest consisting of parks, undeveloped land, and the Brunner Reservoir. According to the plan, about 9.8 acres of the undeveloped land will be used for new commercial buildings as well as 60 to 70 apartment units. 40 percent of the land will be reserved for open space.

City leaders say that the intention for designing the Civic Center like this is to provide plenty of room for activities and entertainment. They envision providing a place where a family can go and spend half the day enjoying their time together, the report stated. The city’s longterm goal is actually to develop several dowtown-like areas to be utilized and appreciated by residents as Broomfield Colorado continues to grow.

Are you looking to live in a nontraditional community? Broomfield Colorado might be just what you’re after. Whether you’re coming here for work or a change of pace, let Housing Helpers assist you in finding the home of your dreams. For more information, contact us 303.545.6000


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Colorado Real Estate

4 Amazing Apps your Real Estate Company Should Be Using

Real estate company’s have their hands full with homebuyers. The real estate market in Colorado is in an upward swing and people are in the market to buy houses. With that, realtors need to be ready to help their clients at any time and mobile apps are a critical to keeping buyers and sellers informed on the fly. Here are a few great apps to help your real estate firm keep moving, even when your staff is on the move.

Most home buyers are familiar with Zillow and Trulia - but what they may not know is has much more accurate information on comps and neighborhood information. It’s a great way to show buyers information on the surrounding area while they’re right on site.  Real estate agents can’t stand when their clients get inaccurate information from websites, we like for providing the most accurate information.

Magic Plan

You know those great floor plans that so many listings have? Your real estate agents can easily create one just by taking strategic photos around the property. The app takes the photos and creates a floor plan just like that!


One thing that no one can ignore is the amount of paperwork required to buy and sell a home. Sign and send documents on the fly with this app version of the popular document signing company.   A real estate company that use DocuSign for executing real estate contracts and rental leases will save you time and money! 

Open House Manager

Import a list of all the people who visit your open houses and stay in contact with active buyers using the list. It makes managing real estate leads that much easier!

There are a great number of real estate apps available for real estate companies and real estate agents so that they can do their job. By using these 4, your clients and agents can both reap the sales and productivity benefits that these apps provide.

Housing Helpers is a Colorado real estate company with offices in Boulder and Denver.  We specialize in the Boulder real estate market, Broomfield real estate, and Denver metro area real estate.   Our award winning Colorado real estate agents have years of experience with corporate relocations, investment properties, and real estate brokerage from first time home buyers to multi-million dollar listings and everything in between.  Please contact us for more Real Estate tips and specific information about your particular situation.


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New Boulder Apartments for Rent

New Boulder Apartments For Rent

New Boulder apartments for rent  located directly across from the University of Colorado CU Boulder campus.  This fantastic apartment community is Boulder’s newest student apartment rentals and designed for upscale off campus apartment living. 


Featuring fully furnished, individually leased 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments. Each apartment includes separate locking bedrooms with private baths, spacious common area and a kitchen equipped with a stove, refrigerator with icemaker, microwave, dishwasher and full-size washer/dryer. High speed wireless internet and cable TV with HBO is included.

Additional apartment amenities include an outdoor gathering area with a fire pit, the community center is equipped with a lounge seating area, poker table, flat screen TV, billiards table, wireless cafe, state-of-the-art fitness center and computer lab. This unique facility also features underground bicycle storage and covered parking is available.  If you’re looking for new Boulder apartments for rent this property will not disappoint. 

New Boulder Apartments For Rent

Boulder apartments for rent interior view.

New Boulder Apartments For Rent – Property Details:

  • Apartment Rental rates: (as of the date of this listing)  $900 to $920 per bedroom.  Bedrooms can be part of a two, three, or four bedroom apartment home.
  • Utilities: Type of heat – Gas.  Resident pays: electricity,phone,gas.  Owner pay: sewer,water,trash,cable.
  • Apartment Amenities: Air Conditioning,Clubhouse,Exercise Facility,Hiking/Biking Trails Nearby,Mountain View,Patio/Deck,Students allowed,Washer/Dryer included,Furnished.
  • Location: Walk to class in minutes! Located directly across from the CU Coors Events Center, The Province is just a few minutes’ walk or bike ride from campus. Pedestrian tunnels both to the North and South of The Province give easy access to all campus facilities.
  • About the apartment community:  An iconic Boulder landmark has been transformed into The Province’s spectacular student community center complete with panoramic views of the Colorado landscape. Featuring an outdoor gathering area with a fire pit, the community center is equipped with a lounge seating area, poker table, flat screen TV, billiards table, wireless cafe, state-of-the-art fitness center and computer lab. This unique facility also features underground bicycle storage and covered parking is available. The student community center is the best place to study, relax, or attend one of our weekly fun resident social events.

New Boulder Apartments For Rent-  Floorplans

This is an example of the four bedroom floorplan.  There are several other floorplans availablefor rent that not shown here.

New Boulder Apartments For Rent Floorplan

4-Bedroom Floorplan

New Boulder Apartments For Rent – Leasing Information:

 For availability and leasing information call Housing Helpers Boulder at 303-545-6000. 

 Visit our leasing office at 2865 Baseline Rd Boulder CO 80303.    We are open 6 days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Our friendly relocation specialists are available to help you discover these new Boulder Apartments For Rent! 


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Apartments For Rent in Colorado, Housing Helpers

Five tips for finding the perfect home or apartment for rent in Colorado

Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country, offering a variety of terrains, stunning views and warm, friendly people. It’s a great place to visit, but it’s an even better place to find apartments for rent, condo or house for rent. Choosing the right place can be a challenge, so we’ve come up with five tips to help make it a little easier on you.

  • Know your budget limits – Before you set out to find a home or apartment to rent, take the time to do some financial soul-searching. Make sure you have a very clear idea of how much you have coming in and what you can afford to pay out each month. Most experts recommend that you keep your rent and utilities within 30% of your monthly paychecks. That’s not to say you must spend that much, it really is dependent upon how much other debt you have and your other financial goals.
  • Choosing a location – When it comes down to it, the most important thing to consider when looking for a place to rent is where it’s located. Take into consideration how close the property is to shopping, schools and your job. Also consider how safe the neighborhood and surrounding areas are, and how close-knit the community is. Spend a little time in the area, preferably on foot, at different times of the day to get acquainted with the area. It’s better to rule out a place than to settle in only to discover that it’s too loud at night or not safe to walk alone.
  • Choose the right type of rental – In most areas of Colorado, you can find houses, apartments for rent, condos and even furnished executive rentals of all sizes and styles. Take stock in how you live and what kind of space you’re most comfortable in. For a single person, a studio apartment may be just right, but for a family, a house may be a better bet. Look at several options to find the one that suits your daily needs and personal taste the best.
  • Prepare for scrutiny – Most landlords are going to want some references both from personal sources and past landlords. You’ll also have to provide them with proof of income and in some cases, a credit check and criminal background will be required. These are all fairly standard procedures that help to assure the landlord that you are a good choice for them to rent to.
  • Understand the lease – Take the time to review every aspect of any lease documents presented by a prospective landlord. If there are any phrases, stipulations or other information that you don’t understand 100%, get clarification before you sign. Some of the most important things are the length of the lease and whether or not it’s renewable, late payment charges and whether or not you’ll have sublet options.

Finding the perfect apartment for rent or rental home is a lot like finding the perfect car. You have to take your time and consider how easily you’ll be able to make the rent payments, how well the place suits you, and how long you’ll want to stay.

Housing Helpers offers a free rental locating and apartment finder service in Colorado to help renters find their perfect home or apartment for rent in Colorado.   Our rental locating specialists can help you narrow down the 1,000′s of rental choices in Colorado, let you know about the latest rent specials and leasing availability, to save you time and money.   Give us a call today at 303.545.6000.

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CBI forensic lab moves to Arvada Colorado

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s 20-year-old forensic lab is moving from Lakewood to a new state-of-the-art facility in Arvada Colorado. According to the Denver Post, the lab will be located in a retrofitted, 24,000 square foot industrial building in the southeast part of the city. Three times the size of the current facility, the new lab in Arvada is expected to be ready in May.

The Colorado state forensic lab has seen an increase in activity in recent years as technology improves and the demand for DNA analysis grows. CBI received 2,174 DNA cases in all of 2012. So far, in 2014, the number of DNA cases is already at 2,485, the article stated.

A change in the law regarding evidence from sexual assault cases has placed additional cases with the bureau since 2013 legislation was passed requiring local law enforcement to submit evidence in sex assault cases to an accredited laboratory within thirty days. Most of the state’s DNA cases are analyzed by the metro area lab, with back up from labs in Pueblo and Grand Junction.

It will cost nearly $8 million to make the new lab in Arvada Colorado operational, the Post reported. In addition to providing DNA analysis of crime scene evidence, the lab will also analyze latent fingerprints, gunshot residue, tool mark evidence, trace evidence, and drug chemistry. The Arvada mayor expressed pride in having the new lab located in the city, saying, when it comes to organizations choosing to relocate here, it doesn’t get much better than the CBI.

From laboratories to new inventions in the computer world, Colorado is truly a high tech area. If you’re looking to relocate to Arvada, Colorado — whether for work or for pleasure — we’d love to help you find a home that fits your needs. For more information on Housing Helpers and the services we provide in Colorado, contact us today at 303.545.6000.

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Longmont Colorado schools to receive iPads

Longmont Colorado schools in the St. Vrain Valley School District, have started the school year off with a new learning tool. The Boulder Daily Camera reported that each student has received an iPad mini, along with help setting up email, calendars, accessing the app store and downloading digital books. Parents also received instructions on how to turn off app downloads and limiting their student’s access to social media.

The provision of the iPad minis is part of a district-wide tax funded program in which every child will an iPad within the next few years. Voters in the district approved the tax measure by way of a mill levy override in 2012 that allocates $2.2 million per year in order to provide the technology to all students in the 6th through 12th grades within three years. In the 2017-18 year, all elementary school classrooms will have a set of iPads for students to share, as well.

One of the reasons for providing the technology, the article states, is to reduce the digital divide between students who have a lot of access to technology and those who only have computer access at school.

The St. Vrain district opted for the distribution of iPads due to the lower cost and ease of use when compared to other options, the article noted. It is not the first school district in the area to address the needs of students in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology, nor are they the only one.

Louisville’s Monarch High School is now in its fourth year of requiring that students either have their own laptop or borrow one from the school. The Boulder Valley School District is also working on a pilot technology program that will provide Chromebooks to older students and iPads to younger ones.

Boulder County’s commitment to technology is not only evident in Longmont Colorado schools but also in the local business environment. If you’re planning to relocate your family to Longmont Colorado, or another community within the area, perhaps it gives you a peace of mind knowing that the Longmont Colorado schools are both progressive and responsive when it comes to 21st century learning.

Housing Helpers is pleased to assist you in finding a neighborhood in Longmont Colorado where your family can live and your children can thrive. For more information, contact us at 303.545.6000 or email us at

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