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Business travelers turn to corporate housing for extended stays

Business travel can be a weary adventure. Long meetings, cranky clients, and nerve-wracking networking can make a business person tired and want nothing more than to stretch out in a comfy bed in a luxurious living space and relax. The problem with this notion is that often when corporate travelerss return to their living quarters, it’s to an extended stay hotel space that is anything but luxurious. When traveling next on business, consider the option of corporate housing instead.

It’s true. corporate housing can offer quite a pleasing respite to weary business travelers who are accustomed to an otherwise stuffy, cramped, and the basic efficiencies style of many extended stay hotels.

Corporate housing usually offers 75% or more of overall square footage in living space, providing plenty of room to spread out and relax.  Corporate apartments and corporate rentals come fully furnished and ready to move in, with all the basic utilities included, as well as cable television and high speed internet service.  Most corporate housing options will also provide high quality cookware, housewares, linens, and home electronics. Although with most business travelers arriving fully equipped with a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, the home electronics may actually be superfluous.

Another often overlooked benefit that corporate housing offers is variety of locations.  Corporate housing can be located anywhere that you would find residential housing which includes apartments, condos, and homes for rent.

Business travelers can choose to live in a quiet residential neighborhood with amenities such as parks, trails, recreation centers, shopping, and dining- as opposed to busy (and often noisy) commercial areas located on major highways where most extended stay hotels are located.   The residential setting of corporate housing alone can be the difference that allows the extended stay travelers to feel more at home, more relaxed, and yes even more productive.

Corporate housing is ideal for business travelers in need of temporary housing, but it’s also perfect if you are waiting for a new home to be built, displaced from your home due to insurance related damages, seeking short term vacation rentals, executive housing, and more.

The next time any of these needs arise, consider the corporate housing option over the extended stay hotel for maximum comfort, convenience, and that temporary home sweet home you desire.

Housing Helpers has been providing quality corporate housing in Colorado including Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Golden, and Nevada. We offer high quality and fully furnished corporate apartments, condos, and executive rental homes backed by superior customer service. Visit the corporate housing section of our website today for more information. We would love to hear from you!

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