Colorado resorts rebounding from recession

When you told your friends that you were relocating to Colorado, someone probably assumed that you’d take up skiing in your spare time. Seeing how the front range is in close proximity to a number of the state’s best resorts, there would be no reason not to assume that.

According to a recent article in the Denver Post, the resorts have woken up from their recession slumber and are seeing the highest number of new hotels and fractional homes under construction since 2007-08, when the recession began. The recession hit the tourism industry across the nation particularly hard, as people had less money to spend on vacation. With the money coming back into the state now, the resort communities and the companies who own property there have more to invest in the projects that have long been put on hold.

The resort industry is not coming back in quite the same way, however. According to the article, fewer of the new construction projects would be considered grandiose. Instead, they’re more affordable. Approachable. They’re an attempt to seek a crowd that may not be as quick to make buying decisions, and are more likely to be looking for something for the long term, rather than a quick financial play.

Residents of Colorado truly have the best of all worlds: Thriving business communities in which to work; vibrant communities full of arts, culture, and top-of-the-line educational opportunities in which to live; and plenty of nearby mountains where they can enjoy time away. If you’re ready for that kind of life, then contact us. We’ll help you find your new home in Colorado.

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