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5 Ways to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home


Whether you are still working on saving money to buy a home in the future, or you just like renting, you might want to know how to turn a home that you are renting into one that feels like one that you own. Certain changes or upgrades are impossible, but you can do quite a lot to your rental to add personalization.

Wall Decorations

Putting decorations on the wall is one thing that you should definitely take advantage of, mainly because it is unused space that you can use to display collectible items, artwork, calendars, and more. Walking into a room that is full of pictures of things that you love is a great way to make it feel like your own.

Lots of Pillows

Creating a comfortable bed is essential to achieving a homelike feeling. Whenever you go to a hotel or you look at model homes, the master bed is generally full of pillows. Although most of the pillows are for decoration, you can make your room feel like a master bedroom in your own home with lots of pillows.

Mounted TV

Mounting a TV on the wall in a rental is something that you might be afraid to do, but it is completely viable when you are able to find a stud in the wall that is in a good location. Since you can tilt and turn TVs that are mounted, it can give you a feeling of control, which is what homeowners have.


Although you will want to speak with your landlord, you might be able to paint part of the home. If they allow you to paint everything, you may not want to because it can take a lot of work to paint it all back. Alternatively, painting one wall is likely a possibility and can give you the feeling that you want to have.


Just because you may not have free reign of the landscape does not mean you cannot have plants. Houseplants are certainly an option, but you can also get potted plants for the outdoors.

If you want to make your rental feel like a home that you own, you should use some of these tips.

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