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UQM Technologies Longmont CO

Longmont company helps set new world record

What does Longmont Colorado have in common world record holder Chip Yates?

Recently, at an airshow in Sacramento, a pilot named Chip Yates set two new Guinness World Records for electric-powered airplanes. His records included speed of climb to altitude — he reached 500 meters in 62.58 seconds — and speed over a 1 kilometer course averaging two passes, one in each direction. For that record, Yates’ plane traveled at 212.9 mph on one pass and 216.9 mph on the other.

So, what does this have to do with Longmont? As it turns out, the motor and the controller in Yates’ world record-making plane were designed by successful Longmont-based company UQM Technologies. In addition to developing and manufacturing power-dense high efficiency motors, generators and power electronic controllers, UQM states that a major emphasis for its company is in the development of propulsion systems for electric, hybrid electric, plug in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. Some of UQM’s customers, according to the company’s annual report, include Audi, Saab, Zenith and RTD.

Yates praised the performance of his planes’ motor, saying that he sees implications for commercial and military uses of this electric vehicle technology. For UQM Technologies and many other companies in the Longmont area, the sky is truly the limit as to what innovation, a passion for creating a cleaner environments and an eye toward the future can achieve.

“Yates has taken electric-powered transportation to new heights with his latest round of records,” said Eric R. Ridenour, President and Chief Executive Officer of UQM Technologies, Inc. “Unlike internal-combustion engines, the power output of our electric motor is not affected by altitude, providing steady and consistent power.”

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About UQM Technologies

UQM Technologies, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of power-dense, high-efficiency electric motors, generators and power electronic controllers  for the automotive, commercial truck, bus, marine and military markets. A major  emphasis for UQM is developing propulsion systems for electric, hybrid electric,  plug-in hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. UQM is located in  Longmont, Colorado.

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Corporate Housing in Longmont

Longmont Colorado, a place to explore and embrace in Boulder County

While viewed as the more affordable place to settle compared to Boulder or other nearby areas, Longmont is much more than that. Sure you do get a better bang for your buck in this northeast corner of Boulder County, but you don’t have to sacrifice location or lifestyle either. Its geographic placement creates a lopsided triangle for Denver and Boulder; just 30 miles southeast to Denver and only 16 miles southwest to Boulder.

Since the 1980’s, the presence of well-known technology companies such as GE Energy, Amgen, and Seagate has increased rapidly, thereby employing more local residents. This and other local companies ultimately contribute to Longmont’s claim to fame as having one of the highest populations of residents who both live and work in the same area.

Longmont also plays host to a number of festivals and activities throughout the year. Thanks to the nearby farms surrounding the bustling Longmont center, there is always something going on, whatever the season. As a testament to this, Money Magazine has named Longmont one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in the United States not once, but twice, in the last ten years (2006 and 2008). This honor is reserved only for places that demonstrate a positive blend of a low crime rate, a solid school system, open spaces, affordable housing costs, and a variety of cultural and enriching activities for residents.

This town of approximately 86,000 residents has such enriching activities across the board. From theatre and live music to winter brew festivals to monthly ArtWalks through the Main Street, anyone with a free hour or two will not be disappointed. Family-friendly activities also abound. The public library system in Longmont has ongoing events for kids of all ages, as well as plenty of open spaces, dog parks, and museums to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Longmont is also home to Colorado’s first New Urbanist housing community known as Prospect New Town. Located on the southern edge of Longmont, these energy-efficient homes and condos create a neighborly feel by being pedestrian-friendly and engaging a unique blend of traditional and modern architecture to accommodate residents with a variety of styles. In fact, Housing Helpers has a great rental property there now!

If this hasn’t convinced you, perhaps you should take a stroll down Longmont’s Main Street and see for yourself. Peruse the art galleries, book stores, and sample the cuisine options from across the globe…you are sure to discover a gem or two!

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