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Moratorium on Boulder University Hill student housing developments

Although student housing is considered the “highest and best” use for the land in Boulder’s University Hill area, the city council has placed a maratorium on all new development for the next several weeks, the Boulder Daily Camera reported.

According to the article, the council opted for the moratorium until August 20 in order to find ways to move forward on some developments that are geared toward older, non-student residents. A short-term .3 percent sales tax is scheduled to go before voters in November in order to provide tree-planting, lighting, and an “event street” in the University Hill area, and the city is looking at urban redevelopment and the creation of an innovation district there.

Councilman Macon Cowles said that while student housing may be the most profitable use of the University Hill, it might not be the highest and best use as far as the city is concerned. Much of the location is zoned for business use, but residential has been allowed there as it is a less intensive land use, the article noted.

The director of the city’s planning and sustainability department added that while students would always play a big part in the mix of land uses on the University Hill, if the area becomes known predominantly for student housing, the offerings there would always remain geared almost entirely toward students. Just as land use planning, a lot of planning goes into finding a new home to buy or rent.

So many factors besides price have to be considered. What are the schools like? What are the entertainment offerings in the area? What’s your commute going to be like?

If you’re relocating to the Boulder, Colorado area or other communities on Colorado’s Front Range, Housing Helpers would be happy to assist you in those considerations so that you can find the home that suits your family best. For more information, contact us today.

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Fall pre-leasing rentals in Boulder, welcome to the 2013 prelease season.

Dear parents, new and returning scholars, and all people leased into your current housing until the summer:

Welcome to Pre-Lease Season! This message comes as a heads-up, a forewarning, and a helpful note all in one to those who want to avoid the last minute rush for housing in August.

For us here at Housing Helpers, the pre-lease season is about to be in full swing- and we are ready to help you (or your son, daughter, and their five friends) find the best possible place to serve as a haven for the upcoming academic year.

A “pre-lease” or “pre-leasing”  means exactly as it sounds: to lease “pre” the move-in date. For example, we have many properties available now for a July or August move-in. As a property listings company, this is a once-a-year opportunity to get ahold of properties that are in demand for a date more than 6 months in the future!

A common misunderstanding is that you must be a student to be eligible for pre-lease housing options. Or perhaps a grosser misunderstanding is that no one other than students would want to look at pre-leases for surely they are typical student housing. Both of these notions are utterly untrue. With the array of homes, condos, and apartments already available for August, we can assure you that there are many gems to choose from for pre-lease housing. Additionally, not all pre-leases are geared towards “the student life”; on the contrary, many properties support a young professional or family’s needs.

Many people have summer-to-summer lease terms and will be joining in the rush for housing when August rolls around. To beat the crowds, Housing Helpers advises anyone needing a new rental in the fall to start the search now with our pre-lease options.

We have a wide range of homes perfect for sharing, condos with kitchens perfect for cooking, and apartments perfect for socializing. You can stay updated on our properties via our website, Twitter or Facebook page, or on Google+. We want to keep you in the know so that we can help you find your best possible housing option!

The most effective way to see your options and set up viewings is to come by our office and speak with one of our amazing rental specialists. They will be able to consider all of your search criteria, even down to the details, and show you what properties best suit your preferences.

And a note to those who are looking and not finding exactly what you seek: Don’t fret! This is still the early stages of pre-leasing and many properties will not open pre-leases until later in the spring or even early summer. Keep your chin up, your eyes open, and keep in touch with us here at Housing Helpers so we can assist you in the search.

While we are still building our database of pre-lease housing, we are adding more options with each passing day. We already have a good base of properties to peruse, and expect many more by mid-February, so come by and see us soon!

Visit Housing Helpers for the largest selectiion of Fall pre-leasing Boulder rentals.

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