relocation tips for children

Relocation tips for children

Spring has finally arrived, bringing along the season to get to work on long overdue house projects or possibly a move to a new home.  Whether you and your family are preparing for a corporate relocation for a new job, moving into a larger home in a different part of town, or changing addresses to be closer to family, the impact on your family, especially children, can be monumental.

Tips to Help Children With A Relocation

There are three phases to most household moves, and as a family, finding ways to support children through each one can make the adjustment to a new home less stressful for the whole family.

1- Getting Ready

Once you know a move is required, plan to share the news with your children and work to make sure everyone in the family understands the reason for the move.  Children will revisit the reason for the move often as they work through their feelings about this change in their lives.

It is also important to include children in the process of moving and to maintain good communication for everyone in the family. Simple ideas to help include keeping a calendar or list of tasks posted for the whole family to see, giving children age appropriate tasks to help with the move, and building in fun activities to balance out the work, giving the family some well-needed relaxation time. Scheduling family meetings can help as a check-in with everyone, too.

2- Moving Time

When the time comes to move to your new home, emotions can be running high. It is important to balance the need to say goodbye to your home, friends and community with all the work that needs to be done in the last couple of days.

Try getting each child a journal or scrapbook to put pictures or memories from their old home and friends. Leaving a small memento at your old home can allow children to say goodbye, like adding a plant or flower to the garden or tucking a note or special treasure in their room.

Lastly, packing a small bag or backpack with moving supplies for each child, like their favorite toys, a map of their new neighborhood or city, stationary or postcards to write notes or pictures to friends and family can be helpful.

3- Home Again

The key to settling into a new home is a combination of finding special places in your new town to explore and recognizing that getting comfortable in a new home or town takes time. Include your child in activities, like trips to the store to get new household items, and picking out items for their room.

Research local events and festivals, resources like libraries and park, and activities like sports, camps or classes to help connect your children to their new community and support them making friends.

Relocating can be overwhelming, but understanding the steps involved can help you and your family enjoy the adventure and weather the challenges. If you and your family need assistance with your corporate relocation or move, please contact us today.

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