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Corporate Housing by Housing Helpers Colorado

Corporate Housing Makes Extended Travel More Comfortable

Salespeople, engineers, managers and other business people frequently come to Colorado to support customers, negotiate contracts and work with colleagues in other offices. While hotels can provide convenient lodging for short business trips, many travelers prefer more permanent accommodations when traveling for periods of weeks or months at a time.

It can be difficult to rent an apartment for business trips of weeks to a few months. Most landlords require lease durations of between 6 months and 2 years. Once you have rented an apartment, you must find furniture and provide linens and cookware. In addition, you must transfer utilities into the name of either your company or the employee who will stay in the apartment. This creates an incredible amount of work and is infeasible for short trips.

Corporate housing provides the right combination of price and features to make business travelers comfortable on long trips. It is less expensive than a hotel, but lets travelers move in with only a suitcase full of clothes. The landlord provides linens, housewares, cookware, dishes, and maintains utilities, including high-speed internet and cable television.

Many people who travel for weeks at a time miss having a kitchen; while eating at restaurants can be fun as a novelty, travelers often long for the ability to eat in privacy. Corporate housing provides extended stay travelers with a full kitchen and all the amenities that make them comfortable preparing meals and stocking their favorite foods for a long stay.

Corporate housing fills the space between hotels and apartments. It provides all amenities and lets your employees move in with just their clothes but costs less than a hotel. It also provides a level of comfort for long-term stays that hotels can’t match. In addition to using corporate housing for long-term business trips, many companies rent and maintain furnished apartments for whichever employee is in town on a particular day.

Housing Helpers provides corporate housing throughout Colorado.  Our corporate apartments and homes are thoughtfully furnished and designed to insure a comfortable and convenient stay for business travelers and those in need of temporary housing.  For more information on booking corporate housing with Housing Helpers call 303-545-6000.


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Furnished Apartments

Stay in Boulder for business or leisure, plan your stay for a month or longer

This time of year  we here at Housing Helpers in Boulder CO start fielding calls on a daily basis from all over the country, actually from all over the world, from folks that are planning a trip to Boulder. In light of this, we thought it good timing to address some basic tips and advice for planning your next stay in Boulder, Colorado.

First, there is seasonal demand for accommodations in Boulder.  Boulder sees the majority of its tourism visitors in the spring and summer months.  Contrary to the belief of many out-of-towners, Boulder is not a ski town, not a winter destination.  Boulder is in fact a summer destination.  The summer draws crowds of folks to the Boulder area to enjoy the beautiful and somewhat mild summer weather.  We see lots of visitors from the warmer climate states in the south and southwest such  as Florida, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.  Boulder provides a welcome respite from the oppressive heat and humidity as the summer days here are dry and warm while the nights are cool and comfortable.  Boulder is really an ideal summer destination.

Second, planning months in advance to arrange accommodations in the City of Boulder can be a challenge.   What’s so hard about it?  Well, first Boulder is a relatively small City in the grand scheme of things.  And there is a relatively limited supply of housing and hotels in Boulder.   The housing supply tends to be absorbed by locals and students, alot of students.  The University of Colorado is a big presence in Boulder.  The University of Colorado has a lot of students, over 25,000 undergraduates.   And yes, you guessed it, most of them rent off campus.  And during certain major events such as graduation or parents weekend, it is nearly impossible to find a vacancy at any hotel room, extended stay, or furnished apartment anywhere within a 10 mile radius of the City of Boulder.

There is a solution for those visiting Boulder on a longer term basis, say one month or longer:  Furnished apartments in Boulder .  Why is one month the cutoff?   In the City of Boulder, most rentals are prohibited for less than thirty days, unless of course it is a hotel.  So if you are coming to Boulder for a  month or longer that opens up a larger pool of accommodations.  But be careful.  I wouldn’t recommend going on line and renting the first furnished apartment that you find on Craigslist.  Back to the students.  You see in Boulder, the good majority of rental properties are geared towards students, not necessarily for professionals or business travelers.   If you aren’t  a student and you’re looking for an environment that is more professional than its best to get in touch with someone that knows about professional managed furnished Boulder apartments, and one that knows the quality of the furnished apartments that you are considering renting.

We will be writing more about this topic in the coming months as we get closer the summer months in Boulder and the race to find accommodations heats up.  In the meantime, if you are looking for Boulder Furnished Apartments for a month or longer, Housing Helpers has over twenty five years helping travelers to secure the perfect furnished apartment in Boulder.  So give us a call at 303-545-6000 and let us help you navigate the planning of your next stay in  our beautiful City.


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