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Boulder schools participate in extensive teacher training program

Necessity is often the creator of innovation. In Boulder, seeing the need for a hands-on, residency teacher preparation program led a private elementary school — Friends’ School — to create an alternative licensing program nine years ago, according to an article in the Boulder Daily Camera.

Operating under the belief that things are best learned when applied, the residency program allows its teacher candidates to spend four days in the classroom with a mentor teacher and a day a week attending seminars and workshops that will further their skills. In addition, the teacher candidates are observed each week and provided with constructive feedback. They are also given the opportunity to work concurrently towards a master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Currently, there are eleven Boulder-area schools participating in this important training program, and this year there are 33 teacher candidates who are gaining valuable hands-on experience. In order to enter the program, each candidate was required to earn a bachelor’s degree, pass state tests, submit fingerprints and undergo a rigorous interview process which also requires the potential candidates to be observed with a small group of students. This is one of 25 programs that the Colorado Department of Education has allowed in which teachers may earn their alternative teaching license.

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Bear Creek Elementary School, an educated move.

Boulder Colorado

The Flatirons in Boulder Colorado

Here at Housing Helpers, we receive a lot of questions. We get questions about backyard size, pet-friendliness, and whether or not the walls are “actually that color.” But when it comes to new families transplanting to Boulder to buyor rent, one question rises above the rest: schools. Boulder Valley School District is known nationwide for its environmentally sustainable initiatives and academic achievements. It addition, the district was chosen as one of the honored recipients of the USDA’s HealthierUS School Award, based on their adherence to high nutritional and physical fitness offerings. Who wouldn’t want to live so close to this concentration of good things?

One of the most frequently sought after schools in the area is Bear Creek Elementary School, near Table Mesa and Stephens Road in South Boulder. Not only is it situated in a picturesque location at the Flatirons’ base, but this beautiful scenery provides an excellent backdrop to their well-known Car-Free Commute program, part of the federally-funded “Safe Routes to School Program.” This program began just two years ago and already boasts 70% of students who now use alternate transportation, such as biking or walking, to and from school.

In addition, it received the distinguished 10 out of 10 rating from GreatSchools and was named a “National Blue Ribbon School” for superior academic performance. This is a good school that just keeps getting better. In the past few years, they have exceeded academic goals and improved student life by offering a number of extracurricular activities and finding ways to further intertwine science, music, and mathematics- a program supported by a partnership with several faculty and departments at the University of Colorado.

In light of this, it is no surprise that the area surrounding this school is among the most common requests of new families looking for a rental property to call home. Thankfully, Housing Helpers does have several rental and real estate options to choose from in South Boulder. Whether you’re in the market for short-term furnished housing, spacious Boulder rental homes ,or Boulder apartments, or buying a house-our excellent relocation specialists and incredible real estate agentswould love to help you find that place.

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