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Colorado Real Estate Market

The Colorado real estate market, seven reasons why the future is bright

Buying a home is always about more than just the house. It is about finding a community that offers job opportunities, good schools, and quality businesses and recreation. A recent report from the University of Colorado Leeds Business School shows that Colorado is clearly one of those places, and is set to have some of the fastest job growth in the nation in the upcoming year. With a diversified job base, skilled and well-educated workforce and stellar quality of life, Colorado is one state that has a strong outlook for its long-term economic health.

What light does this report shed on the Colorado real estate market and Colorado homes for sale?

Here are seven reasons we think the future of the Colorado real estate market is bright:

  • Colorado is expected to increase in population in 2014, one of the fastest growing states in the nation.

  • Colorado increased job growth in 2013 at a rate higher than in the last ten years.

  • Colorado had increased housing sales activity and increased prices in the for-sale housing market in 2013

  • The Colorado rental market experienced historically low vacancy rates and increased average rents in 2013.

  • Foreclosures in Colorado have slowed as the overall state and national economy improves.

  • Federal housing and finance policy continue to impact both consumer confidence and the strength of the overall housing market.

  • Colorado and the Denver metro area continue to be selected and publicized as highly desirable regions to live and work.

Colorado is a place that has so much to offer. If you are interested in more information about the Colorado real estate market and what it means for your plans to buy, sell or rent property, please contact us today at Housing Helpers. We are in the market to help you!

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