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Corporate Housing Improves Employee Recruitment Process

You already know how difficult it can be to find talented recruits for your company. You spend a great deal of time, and money on the process every year. However, there is one aspect of recruiting that you may well be overlooking.  Top talent may not be in your immediate area, and that means they have to relocate to become a part of your team.

When you incorporate corporate housing into your recruitment process, you’ll see an increase in the number of talented individuals interested in your company, make their transition easier, and builds stronger relationships.

Attracting Talent

Your corporate culture, workplace atmosphere, compensation and benefits package are all part of the draw for talent to come to work for you. One of the drawbacks, however, is the need to relocate themselves and their family to a new city they may never have visited before. There are so many unknowns that some recruits may be fearful of such a move.

Paying for a fully-furnished, well appointed house, or apartment, for them will help ease those fears and turn uncertain recruits into excited new hires instantly.

Easier Transition

Some of your recruits have a spouse, children and pets, who are understandably their top priority. While the opportunity to work for you may be a financially wise move, transitioning from their current home to a new one can be stressful.

Corporate housing helps families transition into their new surroundings by providing them with a safe, secure, well researched home.

You’ll be instrumental in helping them learn about the city and neighborhood. You’ll also help relieve worries about schools, medical care facilities, veterinarians and other services your recruit needs and wants.

Builds Relationships

While you may think very highly of your employees and you treat them with the utmost respect, both professionally and personally, a new recruit won’t know that. Everything that you do, from the first point of contact through their time with your company has to reinforce your commitment to them.

Providing your new employees with a home that they can comfortably live in while they integrate themselves into your company is a great way to start.

It shows your recruits that you value them, and that you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are comfortable, and happy with their decision to work for you.

You must recruit, and retain talented individuals in order to rise above the competition and continue to grow your company. Your recruitment efforts will be greatly enhanced by simply offering corporate housing options for them. You’ll find that the number of recruits you have access to increases, their transition will be easier, and you’ll build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship from the beginning. 

For more information about incorporating Corporate Housing into your recruitment process call Housing Helpers of Colorado at 303-545-6000


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Moving To Colorado? Try Before You Buy With Corporate Housing

Whether you’re moving to Colorado because of a career change, promotion or you’re starting your own business, finding the right place to call home is imperative. In order to do that, you truly have to spend time in the area, getting to know the lay of the land.

Although you could choose to stay in a hotel that offers extended stay, you’ll often spend more and get less than you expect. On the other hand, corporate housing offers you all the comforts and convenience of home for reasonable rates.

Corporate Housing Includes The Conveniences and Comforts of Home

One of the best features of corporate housing is the fact that the home is fully furnished and decorated with professionals in mind. You can even upgrade the furniture so the space will feel like it’s yours by reflecting your personal taste and sense of style.

You won’t have to worry about shipping your own items or running out to purchase housewares to use temporarily. Just bring your clothing and personal items and move right in. Everything you need, from cookware, dishes and cleaning supplies to bed linens and towels for the bathroom is provided for you. When you are ready to move into your new home, you won’t have to worry about packing everything and moving it.

Corporate Housing Offers More Choice Of Locations

There’s nothing more frustrating than an excessively long commute through a new city. It’s easy to get lost, and it’s inconvenient, to say the least. Convenience is a major factor in any housing decision, and temporary housing is certainly no different. Take stock of what really matters to you, in terms of where you live and choose accordingly. Whether it’s important that you are close to your job, shopping, schools or entertainment, corporate housing is the answer. You’ll quickly become acquainted with the area which gives you the opportunity to scout out potential new homes.

Corporate Housing can be located in many different locations, not just where you find hotels and extended stays  – but also in residential neighborhoods, closer to schools, parks, trails, and other important factors to maintain your normal lifestyle.  With Corporate Housing will also be able to really get a feel for living in the neighborhoods where you might eventually purchase a home.

Corporate Housing Rates Are Typically More Affordable Than Hotels

Extended stays at a hotel can be very pricey, even for corporate customers. And, what you really get for the money cannot compare to what corporate housing offers. You won’t be stuck in a suite that’s too small for you and your family to function in properly.

In fact, most corporate housing is very spacious in comparison to a hotel room, providing as much as 75% more room. What’s more, you won’t get a separate bill for the internet connection, cable TV, local telephone and other utilities, they are included in the monthly rate. You can rest easy knowing that your corporate budget will remain intact.  Many business travelers that are new to corporate housing are surprised at the cost savings from renting a corporate apartment by the month compared to the cost of an extended stay hotel room for a month.   Often times the savings is significant.

If you’re interested in corporate housing in Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Colorado, or anywhere on the Front Range, contact Housing Helpers for more information 303.545.6000. We’re experts at matching people and homes and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding the right temporary location for you or your employees.

Corporate Housing

Colorado Gives $20 Million in Donations in One Day

When it comes to social consciousness and a sense of community, there’s no place in the world like Colorado. This was recently proven once again when donors statewide participated in the fourth annual Colorado Gives Day and gave more than $20 million to nonprofit organizations.

The Community First Foundation first partnered with FirstBank in 2010 to host Colorado Gives Day — a twenty-four hour period each December in which the state’s residents are encouraged to donate online to their favorite causes. That year, the event brought in $8.7 million for nonprofits working in the state. The event has grown each year.

This year, Colorado Gives Day began at 12:00 AM, December 10, with a donation made to the organization City Year Denver. Nearly 88,000 donations later, at 11:59 PM, the final gift of the day was made to the Child Advocacy Center. In all, 1,442 nonprofit organizations were supported by the event, Community First Foundation reported. Those who were unable to donate to a favorite nonprofit on December 10 can still do so, as Community First Foundation fosters charitable giving through its Colorado Gives website year-round.

According to the foundation, in addition to the individuals who gave online during this year’s event, a number of businesses also helped make the 2013 Colorado Gives Day a reality. The benefits of Colorado Gives Day have been expanded this year to nonprofits statewide, with grant funding from the Boettcher Foundation and El Pomar Foundation that improves the ability of nonprofits outside of the Denver Metro area to accept charitable donations online.

The generosity of the people here is one of the things that makes living and working in Colorado so great. But there are many great things about Colorado. Since 1987, Housing Helpers has been helping people find their homes in wonderful Colorado communities including Westminster, Arvada, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver and many more. We know this area and we can’t wait to show it to you. Contact us for more information.

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