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How to Save on Corporate Housing for Your Employees

If you are currently looking for corporate housing for your employees, you might be concerned about the cost.  Corporate housing is typically always going to save you money over hotels and extended stay hotels.  But if you are looking to save your company even more money, consider these tips for selecting corporate housing for your employees.

For large groups, book several corporate apartments instead of hotels.

Extended stay hotels can be a good option in some cases, but the costs can add up if you need corporate housing for an extended period of time, especially for large groups staying for thirty days or more.

Instead, consider renting corporate apartments on a short-term lease; some corporate housing providers will be willing to work with you on rates if you are renting multiple units at a time. Plus, corporate housing will always feel a bit more “home-like” for your employees than a hotel.

Consider Assigning Corporate Housing “Roommates”

If you aren’t already, consider assigning more than one person per corporate apartment. This can literally cut your corporate housing costs in half.  Whether you group your employees by gender, by business unit, or job assignment – if you book a two or three bedroom apartment then each employee will still get the benefit of a private room along with shared kitchens and living areas.

Let’s say you have two employees coming to work on the same job assignment.  If you rent a corporate apartment that costs $100 per night, split that two ways, and now you are looking at just $50 per night for a very spacious and comfortable accommodation that includes much more amenities than a cheap hotel room.

Choose an Out-of-the-Way Location

Instead of choosing corporate housing in an expensive downtown location right in the middle of the city, look for something in the suburbs. Rent can be much cheaper, and your employees might prefer it as well. Just make sure that you choose a location with an easy commute, particularly if your employees will not have access to private cars. For example, you may want to choose corporate housing that is convenient to the public transit system.

As you can see, it is entirely possible to save money while securing good corporate housing for your employees.  Whether you follow these tips or not, with corporate housing you will almost always see a reduction in how much you are spending on your employee travel costs compared to hotels.

For corporate housing in Colorado, call Housing Helpers a leading provider of corporate housing and relocation services in Colorado!  303-545-6000.


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Corporate Housing a deal saver for real estate agents

Often overlooked by the real estate community, the corporate housing industry has been serving business travelers and corporations for years.  So what does corporate housing have to do with real estate agents?

You’re a real estate agent that just found your clients their dream home, but closing is 45 days out and they need to be out of their current home in ten days!   Your listing just went under contract with a quick closing and your sellers have to be out in 2 weeks with no place to go!  The builder just called and your client’s new home won’t be ready for another month, but they have already scheduled their move!

These situations arise every day in the real estate business.  How you help your clients deal with them could set you apart from the pack.  Your clients rely on you for their success in relocating from point A to point B, even if much of their experience has nothing to do with the real estate transaction itself.  Going the extra mile to ease their transition will win you clients for life.

With all the stresses involved with relocating, finding oneself in between homes with no place to go can be one of the most unsettling feelings your client will experience.  Where will I forward my mail?  How can we get the kids registered for school?  Who is going to watch the dogs?  These are just some of the many concerns your clients will experience when they get displaced with no place to go.  How can you help them?  Advise them to crash on a neighbors couch?  With the kids and two dogs in tow, couch surfing will get old real quick.  How about a hotel room?  Sure, if they’re ok with living out of a 200 square foot hotel room at $150/night.  Your clients deserve better, and you can be their hero.

A comfortable alternative to a hotel room and almost always more affordable than hotels, corporate housing can be a life saver, even a deal saver.  Often overlooked by the real estate community, the corporate housing industry has been serving business travelers and corporations for years.

Originally a small niche industry created to serve the needs of corporations, “corporate” or “executive” housing has evolved into an industry that is now accessible to anyone that is need of interim housing.  Displaced individuals and families alike can benefit from the same resources that corporations have utilized for years.  In fact it’s a natural fit.  Many of the demands of business travelers happen to be the same as homeowners that are displaced.

Corporate housing providers offer amenities like flexible lease terms, kitchens stocked with cookware and house-wares, furnishings, private parking garages, washer/dryer, cable television, local phone service, high speed internet, established utility connections, housekeeping, and 24/7 concierge services to make transitions easy on clients.  All of these amenities are provided within the comfort of a house, condo, or apartment and managed by the temporary housing provider all behind the scenes with no burden placed on the clients.  The end result is a place where you clients can check-in with their suitcases, relax, get to work, and go about their lives with minimal disruption and hassle.

A typical rental period for corporate housing is a 30-day minimum with month to month thereafter.  Temporary rental housing must also follow local laws for rental property including proper rental licensing, zoning, and a minimum rental terms.  For example, within the City of Boulder Colorado the minimum rental period is thirty days and all rental properties must be licensed through the City rental licensing program.  A typical corporate apartment will also include features such as a fitness center, business center, swimming pools, spas, and on site property management team.

In selecting a corporate housing provider it is important to choose a reputable provider that adheres to industry standards for corporate housing.  A qualified provider of corporate housing will adhere to current industry standards for the quality of the rental property backed by a very high level of customer service.  They should handle every detail for your clients from check-in to check-out, and be available 24/7 to address any emergencies that your clients may have.  They should also act as an intermediary to meet with vendors, maintenance and repair workers, and utility companies so that you and your clients do not have to take time out of your day for these activities.

Remember, corporate housing providers are in the service business- they are not just providing a rental, they are providing a turn-key solution where every detail of the clients stay is taken care of.  This will give you the peace of mind knowing that all of your clients needs are being handled professionally.

So the next time you have clients that are in between homes, save the day and call your local corporate housing provider for a welcome respite from hotel rooms and yes, even the neighbors couch!

Housing Helpers is a leading corporate housing provider, providing furnished temporary to extended stay housing in Colorado, Nevada, and throughout the nation to companies, individuals, business travelers, vacation renters, and those in need of quality interim housing.

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Business travelers turn to corporate housing for extended stays

Business travel can be a weary adventure. Long meetings, cranky clients, and nerve-wracking networking can make a business person tired and want nothing more than to stretch out in a comfy bed in a luxurious living space and relax. The problem with this notion is that often when corporate travelerss return to their living quarters, it’s to an extended stay hotel space that is anything but luxurious. When traveling next on business, consider the option of corporate housing instead.

It’s true. corporate housing can offer quite a pleasing respite to weary business travelers who are accustomed to an otherwise stuffy, cramped, and the basic efficiencies style of many extended stay hotels.

Corporate housing usually offers 75% or more of overall square footage in living space, providing plenty of room to spread out and relax.  Corporate apartments and corporate rentals come fully furnished and ready to move in, with all the basic utilities included, as well as cable television and high speed internet service.  Most corporate housing options will also provide high quality cookware, housewares, linens, and home electronics. Although with most business travelers arriving fully equipped with a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, the home electronics may actually be superfluous.

Another often overlooked benefit that corporate housing offers is variety of locations.  Corporate housing can be located anywhere that you would find residential housing which includes apartments, condos, and homes for rent.

Business travelers can choose to live in a quiet residential neighborhood with amenities such as parks, trails, recreation centers, shopping, and dining- as opposed to busy (and often noisy) commercial areas located on major highways where most extended stay hotels are located.   The residential setting of corporate housing alone can be the difference that allows the extended stay travelers to feel more at home, more relaxed, and yes even more productive.

Corporate housing is ideal for business travelers in need of temporary housing, but it’s also perfect if you are waiting for a new home to be built, displaced from your home due to insurance related damages, seeking short term vacation rentals, executive housing, and more.

The next time any of these needs arise, consider the corporate housing option over the extended stay hotel for maximum comfort, convenience, and that temporary home sweet home you desire.

Housing Helpers has been providing quality corporate housing in Colorado including Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Golden, and Nevada. We offer high quality and fully furnished corporate apartments, condos, and executive rental homes backed by superior customer service. Visit the corporate housing section of our website today for more information. We would love to hear from you!

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Short term rentals in Boulder

Boulder attracts short term visitors from all over the globe, with it’s scenic beauty, recreational abundance, and a thriving local economy anchored by the University of Colorado.   We receive calls and emails every day at our Boulder Housing Helpers office from folks looking fir short term rentals to spend anywhere from a month or longer to explore Boulder.

From students looking for a semester long rental to professionals searching to purchase a home in the area, short term rentals in Boulder serve many purposes.  Some are surprised when we tell them about all of the different uses that our short term rental serve.   So I  thought I’d dedicate this post to outline some of the many “uses” that we have provided short term rentals in Boulder over the years.  Perhaps some may surprise you too!

  • Vacation Rentals– who wouldn’t enjoy staying in a spacious apartment, condo, or home while on a vacation in Boulder?  It can make all the difference when you’re looking to really experience the vibe of a City versus staying in a hotel room on the edge of town.  It’s also useful if you want to get the in-laws out of your basement when they decide to “visit” for three months!!
  • Insurance Housing- Also sometimes referred to as disaster housing, this is any housing requirement that is a result of a insurance claim- think fire damage, frozen pipes, floods, etc.  Unfortunately we’ve seen more of this need lately in Colorado due to folks losing their homes to wildfires.  It’s never easy seeing people in desperate need for housing but always feels good when we can provide some relief and comfortable place to stay while they rebuild their lives.
  • Relocation Housing– thousands of people relocate to Colorado every year, many of them choose a short term rental while in transition to their new permanent home.  Some in the industry refer to this as transitional housing, or interim housing.  Whatever you call it, we think it’s a great way to bridge the gap between homes.
  • Corporate Housing– Companies utilize short term rentals all the time. Whether it be for contract workers coming in to work on a project for a few months, or new employees transferring to the area- a corporate apartment is a great asset that can save companies a ton of money over traditional hotels or extended stays.
  • Intern Housing– See “Corporate Housing” above.  We’ll have an entire post dedicated to this one later, but basically company’s have intern programs (typically in the summer months) where they bring smart kids in from all over the country to work/learn at their facilities in hopes that they may recruit some of them when they get out of school.
  • Students/Grad Students/University Faculty Housing- Most rental leases in Boulder run twelve months, August through July.  This makes it a challenge for anyone tied to the academic semester at the University of Colorado- which is August through December, and January through May.  Luckily we set aside a number of our short term rentals for the University of Colorado to utilize for semester long leases.   They can be a real life saver for CU students and faculty alike that just cant commit to a one-year lease.
  • Travel Professionals– It’s amazing how the travel industry has grown to embrace the short term apartment rental industry.  We get calls from travel agents booking plans for their customers to stay in our furnished apartments in Boulder all the time.
  • Movie/Film/Entertainment industry– Ever wonder where the Cirque De Sole performers stay when they are in town for a couple months performing under the big top?  You don’t?  Oh right that’s just me that thinks about that stuff while most are wondering how that guy is balancing on the top of a fifteen foot ladder with one hand.   Well many of them stay in short term rentals.  It’s an economical choice and they have plenty of room to stretch out- literally.
  • Government Housing– Good old Uncle Sam needs housing too.  The government is the largest employer in the country.  As such they have lots of folks coming and going all across this land.  Many of them are on long term assignments for several months or more.  They have something called “per diems” -a fancy way of saying “budget”.  This how much they can spend on their housing per day.  Fortunately short term rentals usually fit the bill while as they tend to be less costly then hotel rates.
  • Military Housing- Very similar to government housing, with obvious higher concentrations around major military bases and lots of times the entire family is traveling with them.

There a plethora of options on the internet for short term rentals in Boulder.   So you might be wondering- “with all these options for short term rentals in Boulder how do I choose one?”  Well I’m glad you asked!  We suggest you start by narrowing your search to a reputable company, ideally a local company that has strong roots in the Boulder community with the initials “HH” .  But in all seriousness, there are professional short term rental providers and there are folks trying to pass off a room with a dirty mattress on the floor as corporate housing.  And even worse, there are lots of scammers out there trying to con you out of your money.

Verify, verify, and verify again before you send anyone a dime for their housing.  Check to see if they have references.  Check to see if they are a certified corporate housing provider member- CHPA.   A Professional Corporate Housing Provider adheres to minimum standards and a code of ethics to provide quality short term rentals to business travelers as well as individuals in need of short term rentals.   This means that when you rent a corporate apartment in Boulder from a CHPA member you can rest assured that you have made a good decision.

If we can help you narrow down your search for short term rentals in Boulder that would be wonderful.  We especially love introducing people to this beautiful City for the first time and helping them discover the magic of Boulder!

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Corporate housing adds value to employee relocations

Getting employees up to speed as quickly as possible is always the goal of  corporate relocation and corporate housing can play a valuable role in meeting that goal.

When employees have to spend hours, days, even weeks searching for a place to live productivity suffers — often when peak productivity is needed most. Corporate housing can ease employees into new locations by providing a place to live so the employees search for a new home can go on the backburner and help the employee to focus on their job.

Corporate housing also gives the employee time to become familiar with their new town and identify what part of town they want to live in long term. Where are the good schools, restaurants, night life, whatever their main concern may be in the new location.

Why extended stay hotels are not the best solution

Extended stay hotels have grown in popularity recently, and they do serve a useful purpose, but there can be issues with using them for relocation.

  • Location. Most extended stay hotels are located in commercial areas. Not the most relaxing or homey locations, typically far away from schools, shopping and other important locations for providing a home like atmosphere.  Corporate housing is located in residential areas allowing the employee and their families to assimilate more quickly into the area and also enjoy better amenities and location.


  • Living amenities.  Kitchenettes with micro-refrigerators and microwaves are find short stays, but not acceptable for families looking at long term living of a month or longer.  Meals out will get expensive and the loss of home cooked meals can actually affect the health and even emotional well being of the employees.   Corporate apartments have full size kitchens that equipped with all the amenities needed to provide a home cooked meal.   Corporate housing also offers more of the comforts of home that employees are used to such as; washer/dryer, outdoor living spaces, fireplaces, pantry, pet friendly options, and private parking garages.


  • Space.  Let’s face it, even the most luxurious extended stay hotels don’t offer the living space that a full sized apartment or home can offer.  Especially when families are involved with the relocation, separate living/dining/bedrooms and even outdoor spaces such as patios are very important to maintain a comfortable standard of living where everyone in the family has some privacy.


  • Expense. While each market is different, typically corporate housing offers a cost saving advantage over hotels.  Cable television, high speed internet, even phone service can be expensive add ons at extended stay hotels while they are included with corporate housing.  Often corporate housing can save employees as much as 50% over the cost of an equivalent hotel stay.   Relocation is an expensive process so any relief from expenses is a welcome benefit.

Corporate Housing Advantages

  • Apartments, condos, and houses, in great locations close to schools, shopping and residential lifestyle.
  • Fully furnished housing with all the things you need to settle in for a comfortable stay —      housewares, cookware, dishes, linens, towels, and home electronics.
  • All living expenses included; utilities, cable and internet all included.
  • Flexible leasing — month to month, short term and long term options available.
  • Easy booking process with direct billing and major credit cards accepted.
  • Personal service provided by experienced corporate housing providers to make your relocation easier.
  • Cost savings- corporate housing costs a fraction of most extended stay hotels, while providing more room and all the amenities of a real home. We also provide 24-hour a day personalized service for all our clients.
  • Superior service, amenities and savings — your satisfaction is our only goal.

Please contact Housing Helpers to discuss all the advantages and savings of our corporate housing services.

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The secret to creating loyal corporate housing customers, it’s not just a furnished apartment.

As a corporate housing company we are always looking for ways to add value to our furnished apartments, add conveniences, and increase the comfort for our guests.  Whenever I travel, whether it be for business or personal reasons, I am keenly aware of not just the differences but the striking similarities that exist across the broad spectrum of travel and tourism service providers.   There is a fairly predictable script that is acted out-  a routine, a process, an itinerary, a schedule….a lot of “predictability”.  From airlines, to hotels, rental cars, restaurants, conference facilities, and corporate housing – it’s all really very predictable.  You book your place, reserve your spot, check in, check out, pay your tab, and it’s a done deal.  When everyone plays their part the trip is uneventful and everyone is content.  There is nothing really memorable – good or bad – about this experience.

But what happens when things dont go as planned?  When the customer wants something different?  What if their request doesn’t fit into the routine?   These are the times that create memorable experiences,  they are incredible opportunities for the companies that recognize them and incredible pitfalls for companies that don’t. For me, I don’t always remember the good service that I’ve had and I don’t always remember the bad ones.   But I always remember the ones when my expectations were exceeded by a company that acted outside of their script to provide a solution to solve my needs

If you think back and try to remember an occasion where you had outstanding service, what comes to mind?  For most it’s something that occurred outside of the norm.  A company, a person, or a group of people that behaved in such a manner that made you feel unique, as if you were special, like their best customer.  Perhaps it was a time where you needed something that didn’t fit within the typical “script” or maybe you were hesitant to ask for it because you were all too familiar with the typical response.  And to your delight the company responded out of script to solve your needs, to act outside of the boundaries of the norm to treat you special.   And you will likely always remember that company.

On the flip side.  You might remember some of the more frustrating service experiences that you had.  Maybe you had a need that arose, you asked for a solution, and not only was it not solved but their was no attempt made to solve it.  Despite the fact that the company likely had the resources to solve your needs it simply chose not to because it didnt fit within their script, it wasnt in their “job description”, the person helping you had no authority to help you, and so on.  You were left feeling as if you should have gone elsewhere with your business.

Creating value is great, adding comfort and convenience is also great- but they dont always create loyal customers.  There is a long list of service providers that provide value, convenience, and comfort when it comes to corporate housing.  But what happens when something goes out of script, how do they respond?  Are their employees empowered to do the right thing or are they saddled with rigid corporate guidelines and procedures that don’t allow them to do what they know is the right thing to do.  Or maybe it takes them too long to even react to something outside of the norm, leaving their customers waiting and wondering.

This last point is really critical.  There a lots of good people that work for service companies.  These people are smart, caring, and professional.  But they are handicapped by the very organizations they work for.  They are not allowed to react quickly to the changing needs of their customers and solve problems on the fly.  In short, they are discouraged from seizing the very opportunities that would create loyal customers for their companies in the first place.  This is why only very few service companies achieve the level of creating loyal customers, and for that matter loyal employees as well.

John Mackey, the co-CEO for Whole Foods Market ( a great Colorado company known for creating incredibly loyal customers and employees) was asked this question in a recent interview- What’s the secret to creating loyal customers?  This was his response.  “We’ve all been frustrated when an organization hides behind “I can’t do that” or “it’s against policy”.   The policy is often stupid, and the person saying they can’t give you what you want knows it’s stupid.  But their hands are tied.  At Whole Foods, we empower our team members to do whatever it takes to make the customers happy.  Does that mean that they occasionally make mistakes?  Of course. But if serving the customer is the primary goal, it’s better to make a mistake by being too lenient than it is to alienate someone.”

John points to the heart of what truly matters when serving customers and creating loyalty.  We exist solely for the customers, they are the reason we are here.  So when your customers have a need your employees will solve it no matter what it takes regardless of what your procedure manual says.  And when your company culture is supportive of this approach you will achieve extraordinary results creating loyal customers  that will return to book your corporate apartments year after year.  Finally, don’t wait for these opportunities to present themselves- go ahead and talk with your customers, seek out their opinions and encourage them to make you better.   Go outside the script and surprise them with acts of extraordinary service.  They will look forward to being delighted by your service and tell their friends and coworkers of the extraordinary experiences they have.

Housing Helpers provides corporate housing and services furnished apartments in Colorado for business travelers and those seeking a spacious alternative to hotels and extended stays.  We look forward to delighting our guests and exceeding their expectations at every opportunity!

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The corporate housing riddle, debunking the myths of furnished housing.

What is more affordable and spacious than extended stay hotels, fully furnished with state-of-the-art appliances, includes all utilities, internet, and cable, and is available with flexible lease terms to suit your specific situation?

Believe it or not, the answer is corporate housing.

While often confused with “housing for corporations only,” corporate housing was originally coined to describe any temporary and furnished accommodation. Corporate housing with Housing Helpers, however, means that you will be getting the best of the best. Not only are our furnished units in great locations and offer personal service 24 hours a day, but they are also all-inclusive with utilities, internet, cable, dishware, linens, and separate living and sleeping areas- like a home should be.

Although you now have a solid understanding of what corporate housing is, the riddle of corporate housing is not yet solved. For whom are these units offered? What sorts of people require corporate housing? The answer may surprise you.

Turns out, there is a wide variety of people for whom the units are created and maintained. Consider this:

You are an academic at the peak of your career and have just been invited to be a visiting professor for a semester at CU Boulder. Congratulations! Our corporate department will be happy to help you find a place for those few months that will give you the comforts of home.

Or maybe your company has just opened a new account in Colorado and wants to send you, one of their best employees, to help open a branch or work on a special project. Well, by all means, let Housing Helpers sort out your accommodation and get you into one of our move-in-ready furnished apartments…you only need to bring your toothbrush! To make it easier for corporations, Housing Helpers also offers easy direct billing.

Or, perhaps you put your family house on the market and it sold quicker than you expected! Congratulations for that too. Rather than shuffle all of your worldly possessions between storage units and cramped spaces until your new home is ready, you should consider temporary housing. We are sure to have a fully-furnished temporary living space for you that will fit your entire family, and your family pets too!

Or consider this scenario. You’re about to move to Boulder, or perhaps have just rolled into town, and do not yet have a long-term place to stay. Rather than jump into a 12-month lease in an unfamiliar area, consider a month-to-month furnished rental, furnished apartments in Boulder, that give you the space to breathe and explore Boulder before you sign any long-term commitments.

Another reason to consider corporate housing is when life happens. By this, I refer to insurance housing when a disaster strikes and you find yourself in need of place to stay. Whether it is a fire or flooding, Housing Helpers can work with your insurance company to provide furnished temporary housing that will ensure you have a warm place to lay your head.

And last but not least, corporate housing is a viable option for government employees and government contractors also. During a short stay in town, a home away from home can be hard to find- but Housing Helper’s corporate housing can do just that.

With furnished apartments, homes, condos, and townhomes all over this beautiful state, Housing Helpers strives to provide the best selection and best quality of temporary housing in Colorado. Now that you’ve solved the corporate housing riddle, a ready-to-move-in home awaits you! Just don’t forget your toothbrush!

You can search the largest selection of  Boulder Furnished Apartments on our site.   Read more about Corporate Housing .

Choosing a professional corporate housing provider, a recipe for success

Temporary HousingUsing a professional corporate housing company to handle the arrangements for your temporary housing is much like using a tried-and-true cookbook to help guide your culinary experience.  A recipe is much preferred to asking someone who has never made, or even sampled, the dish before.

With a professional corporate housing company you are ensuring not only that your employees housing is in good hands, but also that it will be handled in a professional and cost effective manner.

When selecting a corporate housing provider it’s a good idea to look for professional affiliations such as Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) and the Employee Relocation Council (ERC), whos members are bound to a higher quality standard and code of ethics for business.  And always ask for references.  A reputable provider will have a track record of success that they should be willing to share with you.  Having your employees go at it alone or use an un-vouched company, one that has little or no credentials, may leave them far worse for wear in the long run. Hidden fees and unmet expectations can lead to a bad living situation; but this can be avoided by using a professional corporate housing company with verified credentials and affiliations.

By allowing a corporate housing company to manage the housing from start to finish, it will eliminate a host of unnecessary stress, and reduce costs.   A qualified provider will handle the furniture, housewares, linens, electronics, internet, cable, and provide ongoing 24/7 support for your employees.  By having your furnished housing managed by a professional, you can ease your employees travel stress allowing them to settle more comfortably, and more quickly, into a new environment.

With the right provider, booking a corporate apartment should be as easy as booking a hotel room and the accommodations are usually twice as large at a fraction of the cost.   Moreover, your housing costs are consolidated on one monthly bill that includes everything: rent, all utilities, cable, internet, phone, furniture, housewares, and if applicable, maid services.  The anxiety of multiple bills is eliminated thanks to this consolidated direct billings system.  And unlike traditional private rental housing, most corporate housing companies do not be require you to pay security deposits and application fees, an additional savings to your bottom line.   In addition to the cost saving advantage of corporate housing you are also not limited by locations.   Corporate housing can be located in residential areas, city centers, and in many locations where hotels are not located, providing more choices and variety for your employees.

Another reason to choose a professional corporate housing company over attempting an independent stab is because an established company will know the lay of the land.  Rather than staring at Google maps and trying to distinguish the noisy streets from the tranquil ones, the corporate housing company should do the footwork for you and provide valuable insights to help you choose the right location.   A reputable provider will know the individual neighborhoods and can suggest areas that suit your employee’s specific needs – whether it is a place near the mountainside or the poolside, providing them with the perfect ingredients for a great temporary housing experience.

With corporate housing all of the ingredients are included for the perfect housing recipe.  All your employees need to bring is their suitcase and tooth brush.   A good corporate housing provider will have ability to adapt to your employees specific needs to provide them with the perfect housing recipe that will not only decrease your temporary housing costs, but minimize your risks, and greatly increase the chances of creating a comfortable, home-style stay with just the right blend of professionalism and service.  The best part is you get to be the hero that found the perfect recipe for corporate housing success.

For professional corporate housing services and high quality furnished apartments contact Housing Helpers in Denver, Boulder, and throughout Colorado.

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