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Denver Home Improvements

Denver home improvements with the best returns

If you’re buying a home, you often want to know whether a remodel in the home you’re considering is worth the higher price. If you’re planning to sell, you want to account for your renovations in your asking price.

The “2013 Cost vs Value Report” released by Remodeling Magazine reveals that after a six-year decline, the national average cost-value ratio for home improvement projects rose 60.6 percent. This means that lower renovation costs are producing higher returns when the house is sold.

The following shows some of the costs and returns for mid-range home renovations in Denver, Colorado.

  • The highest percentage return belonged to a minor kitchen remodel that updated 200 square feet. It replaced cabinet and drawer fronts but kept the existing boxes. It also included new counters, a more energy-efficient wall oven and cooktop, and a mid-ranged sink with faucet. The project returned 76.2 percent, of $13,603, of its $17,849 cost.


  • The most expensive job and the highest resale value was adding a 24-by-16 second story that included a second-floor bedroom and full bath with a fiberglass tub and shower. The project also included a first-floor family room with a gas fireplace and atrium-style exterior doors. This cost an average $147,309 and returned $94,226, or 64 percent.


  • The lowest percentage return of 42.8 percent, or $29,727, went to a sunroom addition, which cost an average $69,626. This project constructed a 200-square-foot structure with post-and-beam framing on a slab-on-grade foundation. The room boasted 10 aluminum-clad ventin skylights, ceiling fans, and insulation on the non-glass areas.

For more information on how a renovation can change the value of a home, or if you want to get into the Denver real estate market, please contact our Denver Real Estate Agents today.   303.545.6000

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Homes in the lower Highlands neighborhood of Denverq

The Highlands nieghborhood in Denver Colorado offers the best of both worlds

If you’re one of those people who wants to live somewhere that has a strong, tight-knit neighborhood community, but you also don’t want to be far from where the action is, the Highlands neighborhood in Denver Colorado might just be the perfect place to settle in. Featured in both National Geographic Magazine and Travel + Leisure, Here are six reasons to make Highlands your home:

1Location, location, location.  Highlands is just northwest of downtown Denver, so you’re never far from  what’s happening. You can get into Denver on direct bus routes if you’d prefer not to take your car into the city, or you can take a cab without breaking the bank and enjoy your stay in Denver without worrying about driving home.  ( Highlands refers to two separate city-center neighborhoods, Highland and West Highland, in Denver, Colorado. Highland and West Highland are both in the area that is referred to as North Denver.

Highlands Neighborhood Denver

The Highlands Neighborhoods Denver CO

2.  Strong community. Highlands is such a strong community that the town calls its own website Highland United Neighbors, Inc.  This community is built around an amazing network of family-owned restaurants and boutiques that thrive in this “up and coming”  neighborhood. It also sponsors the local Highland Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

3. Diversity. Those family-owned restaurants serve food from half a dozen different cuisines, hinting at the cultural diversity which ranges from Mexican and Italian to Caribbean and Asian.

4. Highlands Square. This is a great place to hang out, whether shopping for unique items in its specialty stores or enjoying a glass or pint in one of the pubs and bars. The bungalow houses in this area make charming homes for young couples who want to live right on top of the action.

Highlands Square Denver

Highlands Square Denver

5. Tennyson Street Cultural District. If you’re into the arts, this is the area you want to buy into. With both visual arts and live music venues, you’ll not need to leave your neighborhood to enjoy the arts, especially the First Friday Art Walk.

6. Lower Highlands. This area is home to the Navajo Street Art District, which boasts more galleries and also a performance art space. This is also an excellent place to go when you’re ready for a night of fine dining.

So if you’re ready to live in the midst of life, action and culture, with Denver just a short drive away, come live in Highlands, Colorado.  We have watched the Highlands real estate market develop and evolve over the last two decades and can help you find your perfect home in the Highlands.

The Whittier Neighborhood Denver

Historic Whittier Neighborhood Denver Houses

The Whittier Neighborhood in Denver was developed in the 1800s and named for a school, which was named after a poet who also happened to be a founding member of the American Republican political party by the name of John Greenleaf Whittier.  The neighborhood was unsurprisingly integrated from the beginning, since Mr. Whittier was an abolitionist poet it matched his philosophy. Keeping that in mind we can take a look at the development of this neighborhood including the housing market to learn how it has progressed and what it has to offer today.

The location of this area is northeast of Downtown Denver, mostly residential and contains some very old buildings.  This is one of Denver Colorado’s oldest historic neighborhoods that features early twentieth century homes containing craftsman architecture.  The neighborhood remains diversified and appealing for young professionals and their families offering tree-lined streets, parks, a public golf course and the convenient location near downtown.  This combination of charm and proximity makes it attractive to many hard-working families as well as singles.

The real estate market offers a range of listing prices from $200,000 as the lowest to the high end of  $549,900.  Home sales have been increasing over the last several years with the majority of sales in the median range around $250,000. A recent article in the Denver Business Journal stated “Metro Denver home prices still surging..” revealing good news about the area housing market. This community also offers affordable rental properties including homes that include fantastic condos and attractive apartments.

If you are interested in finding apartments for rent, there are some very impressive apartments that offer the character and convenience of urban living.  You can select from some affordable luxury apartments that offer excellent amenities. The added convenience of downtown living makes it possible to walk everywhere.

Another interesting note published a few weeks ago by Denver CBS4 headlined “Baby Boomer Enter Real Estate Market To Downsize.” The story went on to recognize how as the Colorado housing market rebounds those baby boomers are key players.  It is part of a trend that is developing for couples who have raised their families to sell those big houses and down-size to smaller homes, and moving downtown seems to be a favorite for many of them.

Check out the Historic Whittier Neighborhood website to learn more about this unique historic community. The Whittier Neighborhood is one Denver neighborhood that you should definitely check into for great possibilities that Housing Helpers can explain further.

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