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Gunbarrel Office Building Purchased for Boulder Valley Proximity

A Denver-based real estate equity firm who recently purchased a 30,548 square-foot office building in Gunbarrel was attracted to the property because of its close proximity to the workforce in Longmont, an article in the Boulder County Business Report stated.

According to Bob Cardwell, of Star Mesa Properties LLC, the location of the building — which makes it attractive to Longmont-area businesses looking to lease office space — intrigued the firm enough to make it their first foray into the Boulder market. The building, which currently houses four businesses, was constructed in the 90s and will continue to be managed by the group that built it.

Gunbarrel is a census designated area of Boulder County and, as of 2010, had nearly 9,500 residents. Unincorporated as a town, it is generally considered part of Boulder, though residents of Gunbarrel may have Boulder, Longmont or Niwot addresses. The median income of those living in Gunbarrel, at more than $80,000 a year, is significantly higher than the state’s median income of $55,387.

In addition to the office building purchased by Star Mesa Properties, Gunbarrel is also home to a number of corporate headquarters including Kelty — the manufacturer of outdoor apparel — and the well-known tea company, Celestial Seasonings. The area is also the location of the Boulder Country Club and golf course, and is surrounded by open space.

In the real estate world, perhaps one of the truest and most often-used statements is: “Location, location, location.” This is accurate both in the context of a company looking to purchase an office building close to a thriving business community and in the context of individuals relocating to the area for work.

Whether you’re looking at relocating your corporate staff to Gunbarrel or other fine communities in the region, or you’re relocating yourself and your family here, the customized relocation services offered by Housing Helpers can help you find your new home. Contact Housing Helpers today for a strong commitment to your needs, in-depth knowledge of the region and years of experience in relocation.

Heatherwood Gunbarrel Boulder CO Neighborhood Spotlight

The Heatherwood Neighborhood is located in the 80301 Zip Code, Gunbarrel area of Boulder Colorado and is home to the Heatherwood Elementary School. 

  4670 Chatham St in Heatherwood

 A typical Home in the Heatherwood Gunbarrel Neighborhood.   

As a prevailing theme, for families relocating to the Boulder County area and surrounding suburbs they have a lot questions regarding community, sense of neighborhood, and school quality. And as a relocation services company, Housing Helpers receives all of these questions on a regular basis. So in light of such concerns, it seems only right to choose Heatherwood Gunbarrel Boulder CO as our next neighborhood highlight. This is an area that excels in all three and is surrounded by beautiful open space to boot, leaving little that this neighborhood lacks.

Heatherwood is a charming neighborhood is located just north of Boulder proper in Gunbarrel, off of 75th Street before Lookout Road. The total area of the neighborhood is just over .5 square miles, but the plethora of parks and green spaces encompassing the neighborhood make for plenty of space to roam and play. Its spot just outside of Boulder allows residents all of the comforts of a nearby urban area, without all of the hustle and bustle. There are also several big-time employers, such as IBM, Crocs, GE, and Crispin Porter right around the corner and numerous others within a short commute.

At last count, the Heatherwood Gunbarrel neighborhood boasts a population of approximately 1,500 residents, which gives it a small community feel. It is not only the size and space that contributes to the close-knit neighborhood, but also the popular elementary school in the area that serves as a social focal point for youth and parents alike.

Heatherwood Elementary School was rated 4 out of 5 stars by parents and has been the recipient of a number of distinguished awards since it first opened its doors.   See the rating for Heatherwood Elemantary School  The school emphasizes the importance of a “partnership in education” between students, staff, and parents.  Given that 90% of the students live within two miles of the school, a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) committee was formed to ensure safety and increase the number of walkers and bikers to school. With funding from the Colorado Department of Transportation, Heatherwood has installed more crosswalks, sidewalks, and flashers to alert drivers of pedestrians.

This program has since created a cultural change within the school and Heatherwood community as a whole. Now the school also hosts a Walk & Roll Week twice during the academic year, which provides various activities and incentives to encourage the local residents to use alternate means of transportation to help the community and the environment. From canned food donations to bike shop days, Heatherwood Elementary is dedicated to increasing the standard of living for all students and families.

Two years ago, in 2011, the Heatherwood elementary school sought to further increase its inclusivity with the SRTS program by providing specially created tandems bicycles to allow children with autism the opportunity to also ride to school.

This, along with a variety of other initiatives, has transformed a typical suburban neighborhood into a pro-active community dedicated to making their neighborhood a safe, healthy, and incredible place to live. If you are interested in homes in the Heatherwood neighborhood or other areas of Gunbarrel in Boulder CO, come by our office and speak with one of our rental specialists or real estate agents. The service is free and the information is priceless, so come learn about your future home in the Heatherwood neighborhood or elsewhere!

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