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NEON Expanding in Boulder, Colorado

Five years ago, the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) decided to place its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Now, according to an article from the Boulder Daily Camera, the federally funded laboratory is over halfway through its $434 million effort to build a laboratory big enough to handle ecological studies for the entire continent.

NEON’s work involves placing 106 field sites and instruments in waterways and on land across the U.S in order to track the impacts of climate change. The sites are located in twenty “eco-climatic” domains that include the northern Alaskan tundra and the desert southwest. Each domain has three research sites, and there are also 46 aquatic sites. The sites will be monitored by satellites as well as aerially, with the data collected being made available to the public through a free portal.

Currently, the headquarters occupies about 100,000 square feet of space and employs nearly 300 people, the article stated. By October, NEON’s Boulder property will house the network’s aircraft. NEON has two Twin Otters, with a third twin-engine aircraft available to scientists with related projects.

The National Ecological Observatory Network has partnered with scientists for other projects, including those from Colorado State University who are studying the impacts of the High Park Fire using 3-D imagery. Results from that project are expected within the next year. NEON’s expansion is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

Boulder offers a wealth of opportunity to its residents and visitors, including researchers and educators. Alongside the expansion of NEON’s facility, the city of Boulder itself is expanding. If you’re interested in making this area your home, Housing Helpers would love to assist you.

If you are visiting the National Ecological Observatory Network in Boulder and looking for housing, please contact us at Housing Helpers Boulder, we provide long term housing and short term housing for NEON visitors as well as furnished and unfurnished apartments for rent in Boulder Colorado.

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Short term rentals in Boulder

Boulder attracts short term visitors from all over the globe, with it’s scenic beauty, recreational abundance, and a thriving local economy anchored by the University of Colorado.   We receive calls and emails every day at our Boulder Housing Helpers office from folks looking fir short term rentals to spend anywhere from a month or longer to explore Boulder.

From students looking for a semester long rental to professionals searching to purchase a home in the area, short term rentals in Boulder serve many purposes.  Some are surprised when we tell them about all of the different uses that our short term rental serve.   So I  thought I’d dedicate this post to outline some of the many “uses” that we have provided short term rentals in Boulder over the years.  Perhaps some may surprise you too!

  • Vacation Rentals– who wouldn’t enjoy staying in a spacious apartment, condo, or home while on a vacation in Boulder?  It can make all the difference when you’re looking to really experience the vibe of a City versus staying in a hotel room on the edge of town.  It’s also useful if you want to get the in-laws out of your basement when they decide to “visit” for three months!!
  • Insurance Housing- Also sometimes referred to as disaster housing, this is any housing requirement that is a result of a insurance claim- think fire damage, frozen pipes, floods, etc.  Unfortunately we’ve seen more of this need lately in Colorado due to folks losing their homes to wildfires.  It’s never easy seeing people in desperate need for housing but always feels good when we can provide some relief and comfortable place to stay while they rebuild their lives.
  • Relocation Housing– thousands of people relocate to Colorado every year, many of them choose a short term rental while in transition to their new permanent home.  Some in the industry refer to this as transitional housing, or interim housing.  Whatever you call it, we think it’s a great way to bridge the gap between homes.
  • Corporate Housing– Companies utilize short term rentals all the time. Whether it be for contract workers coming in to work on a project for a few months, or new employees transferring to the area- a corporate apartment is a great asset that can save companies a ton of money over traditional hotels or extended stays.
  • Intern Housing– See “Corporate Housing” above.  We’ll have an entire post dedicated to this one later, but basically company’s have intern programs (typically in the summer months) where they bring smart kids in from all over the country to work/learn at their facilities in hopes that they may recruit some of them when they get out of school.
  • Students/Grad Students/University Faculty Housing- Most rental leases in Boulder run twelve months, August through July.  This makes it a challenge for anyone tied to the academic semester at the University of Colorado- which is August through December, and January through May.  Luckily we set aside a number of our short term rentals for the University of Colorado to utilize for semester long leases.   They can be a real life saver for CU students and faculty alike that just cant commit to a one-year lease.
  • Travel Professionals– It’s amazing how the travel industry has grown to embrace the short term apartment rental industry.  We get calls from travel agents booking plans for their customers to stay in our furnished apartments in Boulder all the time.
  • Movie/Film/Entertainment industry– Ever wonder where the Cirque De Sole performers stay when they are in town for a couple months performing under the big top?  You don’t?  Oh right that’s just me that thinks about that stuff while most are wondering how that guy is balancing on the top of a fifteen foot ladder with one hand.   Well many of them stay in short term rentals.  It’s an economical choice and they have plenty of room to stretch out- literally.
  • Government Housing– Good old Uncle Sam needs housing too.  The government is the largest employer in the country.  As such they have lots of folks coming and going all across this land.  Many of them are on long term assignments for several months or more.  They have something called “per diems” -a fancy way of saying “budget”.  This how much they can spend on their housing per day.  Fortunately short term rentals usually fit the bill while as they tend to be less costly then hotel rates.
  • Military Housing- Very similar to government housing, with obvious higher concentrations around major military bases and lots of times the entire family is traveling with them.

There a plethora of options on the internet for short term rentals in Boulder.   So you might be wondering- “with all these options for short term rentals in Boulder how do I choose one?”  Well I’m glad you asked!  We suggest you start by narrowing your search to a reputable company, ideally a local company that has strong roots in the Boulder community with the initials “HH” .  But in all seriousness, there are professional short term rental providers and there are folks trying to pass off a room with a dirty mattress on the floor as corporate housing.  And even worse, there are lots of scammers out there trying to con you out of your money.

Verify, verify, and verify again before you send anyone a dime for their housing.  Check to see if they have references.  Check to see if they are a certified corporate housing provider member- CHPA.   A Professional Corporate Housing Provider adheres to minimum standards and a code of ethics to provide quality short term rentals to business travelers as well as individuals in need of short term rentals.   This means that when you rent a corporate apartment in Boulder from a CHPA member you can rest assured that you have made a good decision.

If we can help you narrow down your search for short term rentals in Boulder that would be wonderful.  We especially love introducing people to this beautiful City for the first time and helping them discover the magic of Boulder!

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