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Fall Preleasing Boulder Colorado

Fall Pre Leasing in Boulder Colorado

Welcome CU Students to Fall Pre Leasing 2017!

Don’t See The Property You Are Looking For?  Call Us 303-545-6000

We get new fall prelease Boulder properties every day.  As the #1 rated Rental Locator in Boulder we help more CU Students and Parents find the best off campus housing and fall pre leasing in Boulder Colorado.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will work hard to find it for you.

We have a large selection of student rental properties available in Boulder.  Whether you are looking for a house to rent on the hill with your roommates, an apartment close to campus , or a quiet place by yourself, our friendly rental locators are available 6 days a week to meet with you, discuss your needs, and help you find the perfect place to call home.

Stop By Our office just one block from the University of Colorado!

We look forward to working with you!  Our office is open Monday through from Saturday 9:00 – 5:00

Our service is FREE for renters!

That’s right totally FREE!  As the premier rental locator in Boulder for CU Students and parents you can stop by or call anytime and we will be happy to assist you at no cost.  The only costs you will need to pay is any application fees, security deposits, and rent payments required by the property that you choose.  Our rental specialists are their to help you, saving you time and money, so you don’t have to drive around to a million places hoping that one might work out.

Check Out Our Guide to Pre Leasing For CU Students

With a low vacancy rate there is a lot of competition this year for good properties that might be available for fall preleasing in Boulder. Be prepared to snag the best rentals when they become available.

Your rental specialist at Housing Helpers will help you navigate the ins and outs of fall pre leasing in Boulder.  In addition we have a handy guide to help get you organized.  It covers everything from how to prepare yourself, your parents, and your roommates so that you can get a lease signed, handling deposits and application fees, and knowing what to expect from the leasing process.  Simply call or stop by our office, register with our pre leasing service and we will send you your guide!

Remember Housing Helpers is here to help CU students and parents.  We look forward to seeing you soon and making 2017 the best year yet.   Call us 303-545-6000 Go Buffs!

Fall Preleasing Boulder Colorado

2015 Fall Preleasing in Boulder, a CU Students Guide to finding off campus rentals in Boulder

Welcome to 2015 Fall preleasing in Boulder!

Fall preleasing in Boulder is that time of year where CU students start looking to find off campus rentals in Boulder for next year – and when property owners look to sign leases for next year, typically in August.

Every year, here at Housing Helpers, we put together a guideline for University of Colorado Boulder Students, Parents, Faculty, and those looking to secure a place to rent off campus in Boulder for the following academic season.   From tools and tips, to help searching for the prefect apartment or home rental in Boulder, we are here to help you.

Where to find rental properties available for Fall Preleasing in Boulder

Here at Housing Helpers in Boulder we connect thousands of CU student renters each year with great rental properties in Boulder.  We are here to help students and their families navigate the hundreds of choices for student rental properties in Boulder to find the right one for you.   Our office is open six days a week and is staffed with friendly rental specialists that can answer your questions. Our office is located one block from the University of Colorado at 2865 Baseline Rd.  Call Us 303-545-6000

Housing Helpers Boulder’s Fall Preleasing Headquarters!

How to be prepared for Fall Preleasing in Boulder

Tip 1 – Set up a time to come in and meet with a rental locating specialist here in our office.  Make sure that all of your roommates can attend the meeting together.   Call our office at 303.545.6000 to set your appointment.

Tip 2 –  Once we identify a list of properties that meets your needs we will set up the showings for you.   Be on time for your showings and make sure that everyone that needs to see the property is present- whether its roommates, parents, cosigners etc.  Properties go fast, often times there is no time for multiple showings.

Tip 3 –  Have your security deposit check ready.  Some landlords may require a cashier’s check or money order, but we find that most will accept a bank check.  Check with your bank ( or your parents) in advance to make sure you are ready to put down a deposit.

Tip 4- Applications will need to be filled out.  These can take a few minutes.  To save time you can complete these in advance and be one step ahead of the game!   Application fees will need to be paid once your applications are submitted for the property.  These fees can vary depending on the property.

Tip 5 – Parental guarantee forms may be required.  These are forms that your parents will need to fill out.  Just like the application fees you can have these completed in advance so that you are ready to rent that perfect place when you find it!

Tip 6 – Know the occupancy laws.  If you are renting in Boulder check with the City to make sure the property you are renting allows the number of occupants that you have.   Here is good resource for more information on this.  https://bouldercolorado.gov/public-works/city-of-boulder-occupancy-regulations

Tip 7 – Working fast is key.   Fall prelease properties in Boulder move fast!  If you are interested in a property chances are there are others interested in it as well.    Be ready to act quickly to secure that property and take action as soon as you are interested.  Leases are made on a first come first serve basis.

Tip 8 – Don’t fret if you don’t find a place right away.  Consider waiting it out until the spring and summer months, there are lots of properties that don’t prelease in advance.  And many times the rent prices on those properties will be less.

Fall preleasing in Boulder can be stressful for students and parents.  Just remember, we are here to Help!  Let our experience and expertise in the Boulder rental market take away some of the stress and help make the process of finding a new place to live easier.   We look forward to working with you!   You can reach our Boulder office at 303-545-6000, open Monday through Saturdays.



Off Campus Housing CU Boulder | Five Steps for Moving Off Campus

For most CU Boulder students, off campus housing means the transition to living off campus and their first exposure to life in the “real world” outside of the structured purview of university boundaries. It’s an exciting time for students. For parents it brings a new set of concerns and worries, but with some planning and a little guidance the process of moving off campus can be a rewarding experience for all.

Step 1: Start planning EARLY and define your needs

In Boulder, planning should start well in advance of your estimated move date. In some college towns preleasing of rentals units starts as early as one year in advance.  For off campus housing CU Boulder area rentals starts preleasing about 6 to 9 months in advance.

Start by asking the basic questions and getting on the same page with your roommates or housemates.

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms are you looking for?
  • How much can you afford?
  • Do you have pets?
  • How long of lease do you want?
  • What kinds of amenities are MUST HAVES?
  • When do you plan on moving in? Summer, Fall, Mid-Semester?

Step 2: Choose your location, location, location…

Get familiar with the different neighborhoods of Boulder and the areas of town. Note the proximity to CU Boulder, amenities, and transportation. Don’t rely on others and their opinions – take the time to investigate and explore your options first hand. It’s also a good idea to browse listings on line in advance to get a feel for rental rates and availability in different parts of town.

Step 3: Get professional help with your search.

Ok, we’re going to be a bit biased here, and we think for good reason.  Housing Helpers offers one of the best resources for Off Campus Housing CU Boulder that student can find anywhere.  Its a totally free service and our rental specialists are not trying to sell you on any property, they are not employees of a property management company or property owner which means they provide unbiased help to you.  Ok that said, normally you would start by identifying local property management companies, apartment locator services, and real estate agencies that specialize in student rental housing in your area. Many college towns have established student rental agencies and off campus housing resources available for students to utilize in their housing search. Seek them out, visit their offices, and get to know them. Ask a lot of questions and use your gut instincts to decide which ones you are comfortable with. Also check with your on campus student services as they may have suggestions for you.

Step 4: Be prepared to qualify

For office campus housing CU Boulder most landlords and property managers will ask you to meet certain qualifying criteria in order to be considered for tenancy. The criteria will vary depending on the landlord and the property. Remember that it is ultimately up to the individual property owner or landlord to decide what they want from a student renter (and their parents) to feel comfortable renting to them- so be prepared, polite, and be professional – you are essentially going through an interview process.

Common requirements for qualifying for off campus housing near CU Boulder rental property include:

  • Parental guarantee – this is an addendum to the lease document whereby the parents of the student renters will sign a guarantee of the lease agreement.
  • Security deposit equal to one month’s rental rate or more.
  • First and last month’s rental payments made in advance.
  • Credit checks, and positive rental history verifications.
  • Eviction checks
  • Criminal background checks

Step 5: Be safe and beware of scams

When moving off campus in Boulder your students’ safety will be a top priority. As student renters are going off campus for the first time they need to be aware of the many dangers lurking in the rental market- and they need to take some precautions.

Popular rental search sites like Craigslist, Zillow, and others have become hotbeds for scammers, criminals, and ghost postings. There are new varieties of scams popping up daily in the rental world. Students are particularly at risk as scammers tend to target college towns with ample supply of rental units and renters.

One of the more common scams is the ghost posting. A ghost posting is a type of scam whereby the scammer copies information from a real rental listing and then reposts it under his own account and contact information – creating a fake rental listing using the actual property photos, address, and details for a real property. The scammer then uses the fake listing to lure unsuspecting renters into sending them money to secure the property.

How to avoid rental pitfalls:

  • Meet your prospective property manager or Landlord in person. Never go alone, bring your parents and housemates along.
  • View the actual property you will be renting before you sign a lease or pay a security deposit.
  • Never mail money to a property manager or Landlord without meeting them in person and viewing the actual property, no matter how trustworthy they seem.
  • Do some research on your prospective Landlord or property manager. Google them, read online reviews from other renters, check with your local Chamber of Commerce or Rental Housing Association.
  • Check to ensure the property is up to code and carries a current rental license. Many cities require rental properties to pass a licensing inspection to ensure they meet basic safety and habitability requirements.
  • Ask a lot of questions. Make sure you understand what costs are included in the rental rate and what is not, understand your responsibility for utilities, repairs, maintenance, lawn care, and snow removal.
  • If possible have your lease agreement reviewed by an attorney prior to signing. A lease agreement is a legal document and it is important that you understand what you are signing.
  • Buy renter’s insurance. Most landlords do not carry insurance to protect your personal belongings. A renter’s insurance policy is affordable and provides peace of mind should the unexpected occur.

Now that we’ve covered what could potentially go wrong with renting off campus….it’s important to keep things in perspective. For off campus housing in Boulder he vast majority of Landlords and Property Managers are good, hard-working people that are there to help you. Utilize their resources and experience to make your move more enjoyable. And with a little planning and some guidance, students will find that their first move off campus will be as much of a positive learning experience as those experienced on the university campus.

Off Campus Housing Boulder   Student Rentals in Boulder

Fall Preleasing Boulder Colorado

2014 Fall Preleasing Rentals in Boulder, a students guide to finding the perfect Boulder student rental

Welcome to the 2014 Fall Preleasing Season in Boulder!

We have put together this guideline for University of Colorado Boulder Students, Parents, Faculty, and those looking to secure a place to rent off campus in Boulder for the 2014 academic season.

When does 2014 Fall Preleasing in Boulder start?

One of the questions we get all the time from Boulder student renters and their parents is “when should we start looking for a place for next fall?”.  The answer might surprise you.  If you guessed “right now!” you’d be correct.

Preleasing in Boulder starts earlier and earlier every year.  We’re already seeing properties listed for the fall of 2014 and we haven’t even hit November of 2013 yet.  And we’re already getting tons of inquiries from groups of students looking to rent for the fall of 2014.   There is no doubt that next year’s housing rush will be just as fierce and competitive as last years.

( For those of us in the property rental business, property managers and property management companies in Boulder,  the unfortunate reality of things is that we really don’t get a break from the leasing season anymore. Uuugh! )

What will rental rates be for student properties in Fall 2014? 

This is a great question AND a tough one to answer.  Reason being that most student rental homes being offered for 2014 fall preleasing are privately owned, which means the rental rates will vary from property to property.  However, we have seen rent increases over the last year for Boulder student properties reach as much as 15% over the last years rents.

With historically low vacancy rates in Boulder you should be prepared to pay even more in 2014.  We’ve seen rents per-bedroom rise to as much as $1500 per room in some cases, with the averages probably around $1000 per room.   Yikes!

What do Landlords and Property Owners require to accept student renters? 

This varies depending on the Landlord and the property.  There is no law or rule in Boulder for requirements to rent to students.  This leaves it up to the individual property owner or Landlord to decide what they want from student renter (and their parents) to feel comfortable renting to them.

Some of the more common procedures we see are:

  • Parental guarantees- this is an addendum to the lease document whereby the parents of the student renters will actually sign a guarantee of the lease agreement.
  • Security deposits equal to one months rental rate.
  • First and last month’s rental payments made in advance.
  • Credit checks, and positive rental history verifications.
  • Eviction checks.

Note to CU Students and Parents , stay safe and beware of scammers, misinformation, and “ghost” postings.

A final word about your students safety is important to mention here.  As many student renters are going out on their own for the first time they need to be aware of the dangers that lurk in the rental “market”.   Popular rental search sites like Craigslist, Zillow, and others have become hot beds for scammers, fake listings, and ghost postings.   What are “ghost” postings you ask?

Ghost postings is a type of scam whereby the scammer copies information from a real posting and then reposts it under his or her own account and contact information.  So for example you will see real photos of a house in Boulder for rent with real details, even the correct address. But the contact information will be for the scammer- NOT the real Landlord.  You see the house on Craig’s List or Zillow, you think it looks great, so you send the “Scamlord” a check.  Only when you show up to move in the real Landlord has no idea who you are.  You’ve just been scammed by a ghost posting.

How to avoid this?  Do your homework, meet with your new Landlord at the property, or at the property managers office.  Find your place through a local and reputable company in Boulder such as….ehem… Housing Helpers!   Our Boulder office has been here for over 27 years, just a block from the University, and we are staffed with friendly local rental specialists- not Scamlords!   Give us a call or stop by- our service is FREE for renters, and we make fall preleasing in Boulder easy for students and their parents.

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The Lofts on the Hill Boulder Colorado

The Lofts On The Hill, The Lofts on College, CU Boulder off campus student rental housing at its best

The University Hill in Boulder is an eclectic mix of off campus student housing comprised mainly of large rental homes packed with groups of CU students.  Until now that is.   Recently the developer of the Lofts on the Hill and the Lofts on College have changed the landscape of student housing on the hill.   In a very good way.

The Lofts on the Hill 

Located directly across street from the CU Bouldercampus with walking access to shopping, restaurants, pubs, live music venues like the Fox Theatre and The Sink, and all the conveniences students could need right out their front door.   The lofts themselves are built to blend in with historic architecture just above street-level retail.  Modern open concept floorplans feature three and four bedroom roommate suites with common kitchen & living room.  An advanced keyless FOB entry to the building and individually locked bedroom doors makes pivacy and security simple.  A complimentary centralized laundry room, garage parking, and a worry-free bundled utility program that includes utilities, laundry, Wi-Fi, and satellite round out the impressive array of first class amenities for these new student rentals on the hill in Boulder.


The Lofts on the Hill Boulder CO

The Lofts on the Hill, Boulder Colorado

The Lofts on College.

These impressive new student apartments in Boulder are located on College and Broadway just steps from the University of Colorado campus.  There is no better location for CU students seeking to live off campus in Boulder.   And students will be pleased with level of quality they will find in these apartments.  Built from the ground up, everything brand new.   Preleasing for these new apartments is underway and floorplans are leasing fast.

This campus friendly location offers large floorplans to choose from.  Choose from 2 bedroom, 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedroom floorplans.     Also boasting a keyless FOB entry to building & apartments. and individually locked bedroom doors for your privacy.  The apartments also feature a washer/dryer in each unit and garage parking available.  Did we mention they are brand spaking new!

For students and parents seeking the newest and best quality student housing and off campus housing in Boulder look no further than the Lofts on the Hill and The Lofts on College.

And call Housing Helpers in Boulder at 303.545.6000  to set your appointment to view these spectacular new properties today!

Student Rentals in Boulder        Off Campus Housing Boulder


Apartment Finders

To Pre-Lease or Not To Pre-Lease: Fall 2013 Housing in Boulder, CO

That is the question. For most CU Boulder students, pre-leasing seems to be the best, and sometimes only, option.

But consider this, budget-seekers and those prone to worry: Housing Helpers will always have rental properties available around Boulder, even in those wild swing months of June and July.

It is true that the early bird gets the worm (in this case, this means the most options “on the hill”), but the worm often comes with a higher price tag where pre-lease properties are concerned. If you can afford to wait, the reward may be more affordable.

This is largely due to the housing rush that occurs throughout the summer and culminates with landlords’ last-minute efforts to fill their properties with tenants before it sits vacant. At this point, the price of housing will drop.

Moreover, Housing Helpers is still getting August move-in properties in June, July, and yes, even the month of August itself. As a property listings company that operates year-round, we always have rental inventory in and around the Boulder area; the majority of which are not listed until 30 to 60 days before their available date. This means we will continue getting rental properties throughout the spring and summer that will suit your Fall 2013 housing needs!

Another reason to potentially hold off on the pre-leasing is if your roommate numbers may fluctuate. What if Dan does get accepted into the study abroad program and won’t be able to pay his portion of the rent? What if Kelly and Maggie have a disagreement and now refuse to share a living space? August is still many months away and life happens. Thus, waiting until the time is closer may actually give you an edge over those who rushed to sign the first lease they saw.

So if you are not yet sure of your roommates, your wallet is getting thin, and you won’t turn your hairs gray by waiting a bit- then enjoy your semester, the last few months of your current lease, and start looking with vigor after the stress of finals have settled- you might be  glad you did!

Find the largest selection of Boulder rentals at Housing Helpers in Boulder.

Boulder Student Rentals   Fall Prelease Boulder Rentals  

Boulder Off Campus Housing

Fall pre-leasing rentals in Boulder, welcome to the 2013 prelease season.

Dear parents, new and returning scholars, and all people leased into your current housing until the summer:

Welcome to Pre-Lease Season! This message comes as a heads-up, a forewarning, and a helpful note all in one to those who want to avoid the last minute rush for housing in August.

For us here at Housing Helpers, the pre-lease season is about to be in full swing- and we are ready to help you (or your son, daughter, and their five friends) find the best possible place to serve as a haven for the upcoming academic year.

A “pre-lease” or “pre-leasing”  means exactly as it sounds: to lease “pre” the move-in date. For example, we have many properties available now for a July or August move-in. As a property listings company, this is a once-a-year opportunity to get ahold of properties that are in demand for a date more than 6 months in the future!

A common misunderstanding is that you must be a student to be eligible for pre-lease housing options. Or perhaps a grosser misunderstanding is that no one other than students would want to look at pre-leases for surely they are typical student housing. Both of these notions are utterly untrue. With the array of homes, condos, and apartments already available for August, we can assure you that there are many gems to choose from for pre-lease housing. Additionally, not all pre-leases are geared towards “the student life”; on the contrary, many properties support a young professional or family’s needs.

Many people have summer-to-summer lease terms and will be joining in the rush for housing when August rolls around. To beat the crowds, Housing Helpers advises anyone needing a new rental in the fall to start the search now with our pre-lease options.

We have a wide range of homes perfect for sharing, condos with kitchens perfect for cooking, and apartments perfect for socializing. You can stay updated on our properties via our website, Twitter or Facebook page, or on Google+. We want to keep you in the know so that we can help you find your best possible housing option!

The most effective way to see your options and set up viewings is to come by our office and speak with one of our amazing rental specialists. They will be able to consider all of your search criteria, even down to the details, and show you what properties best suit your preferences.

And a note to those who are looking and not finding exactly what you seek: Don’t fret! This is still the early stages of pre-leasing and many properties will not open pre-leases until later in the spring or even early summer. Keep your chin up, your eyes open, and keep in touch with us here at Housing Helpers so we can assist you in the search.

While we are still building our database of pre-lease housing, we are adding more options with each passing day. We already have a good base of properties to peruse, and expect many more by mid-February, so come by and see us soon!

Visit Housing Helpers for the largest selectiion of Fall pre-leasing Boulder rentals.

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