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Pet Friendly Rentals

Pets and Rental Properties, putting your best paw forward when looking for rentals.

Daily, if not hourly, we received calls and emails with questions about pet policies. The questions often go like this:

“The home is beautiful, but do they accept pets?

“I love the layout and the size is perfect for my family, but do they accept pets?”

As a rental property leasing company, we serve as a liaison between property owners, property management companies, apartment communities, and potential renters. We are happy to search our database for you, answer questions, and set up showings- but unfortunately, we do not set the pet policies for the properties – those are set by each individual property owner or property manager.

In light of this, this post will explore how your pet can put their best paw forward when you are looking for a rental property. While many apartment communities and property management companies are more specific in their pet policies, private owners may be more flexible and evaluate the scenario on a case-by-case basis.

That being said, respect the pet policy in place. It is ill-advised to sneak in a pet, fib about the breed or number of pets, or generally invent information to try to sway the policy in your favor.

Some things can be done to make the search and transition easier, however. First and foremost, give yourself enough time to really examine the options and find the best options of pet-friendly rentals in your preferred area. Housing Helpers generally lists new properties 30 to 60 days beforehand, so contact us a few months before your move date and let us do the searching for you.

Secondly, try to put yourself in the Landlord or owner’s shoes. More often than not, bad past experiences make landlords and owners unwilling to accept pets in the home or apartment. Perhaps the last tenants raised mice for a living or their hound dog warranted complaints from the neighbors- but whatever the case, try to understand their reasoning before attempting to impose your own.

Another good tip is to show examples that you’re a responsible pet owner. Gather documentation and proof that you have a well-trained pet, whether it’s a canine, feline, or fish. The most evidence you can provide, the better your case will be. For example; letters of reference from prior Landlords, trainings your pet has completed, or updated veterinary records will help show that you are a responsible owner.

Beyond just showing that you can care for an animal, providing this evidence can also help exemplify that you are a good resident all-around. As finding quality pet-friendly properties is not a simple task, many residents stay in the same place longer and take better care of the rental properties.  Some property owners will value this trade off for a long term renter with pets.

Lastly, offer to arrange a meeting between your pet and the rental property owner. This will show that you are serious about making a good impression with your well-behaved pet. This will also be a chance to make the case that you will take as good care of the rental home or apartment as you do your furry friend!

Whatever your situation, Housing Helpers has the know-how and experience to help you find options for that will suit both you and your pet’s needs. Give us a call or come by our office so we can help you start the search!

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