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Searching Homes On Line

Selecting a Realtor, how most home buyers really do it.

Search homes for sale on the internet and it doesn’t take too long to notice that home buyers and sellers are literally bombarded with advertisements from real estate agents vying for their business.   Agents jockey for space on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com to position their headshots along side the most popular neighborhood searches hoping that folks will click through and call.   There are “banner ads”, “pay-per-click ads”, “featured agents”, “neighborhood experts”, “zip code specialists”, “exclusive agents for all four-bedroom red houses with black shutters and white fences near a park close to a school by a beach walking distance to downtown” – ok well maybe not that last one-  but there is a seemingly unlimited number advertising opportunities popping up daily offering Realtors the promise of total market domination! 

Sounds great, I mean everyone shops for homes on-line now right so it must work.  And so there go thousands of honest hardworking real estate agents spending tons of money on these advertisements.  But does it really work?  The answer is yes, it works beautifully…. for the websites that cash in the advertising dollars!

Of course we all recognize the importance of technology in todays real estate market.  Some of the most heavily trafficked websites on the internet are real estate websites.  There are clearly an enormous number of people looking at homes for sale on websites.  So naturally one would assume that most of these people are also finding their Realtors on the internet.   In fact I have to admit that I also thought this was now the norm.  Until I read an eye opening statistic about how home buyers really end up selecting their realtor of choice.

After all the websites are perused, the banner ads are paid for, the pay-per-click ads are spent, and the exclusive territories are snapped up, it turns out that it has nothing to do with technology.  It doesn’t even require a computer, a tablet, a GPS, or a smart phone.  It doesn’t have a Walkscore, a Zestimate, credentials, initials, or acronyms.  And it doesn’t require advertising dollars.  It is something so very basic to human nature that we all value more than any technology could ever deliver.


When it comes down to it, people still rely on referrals from people they trust to guide them in the selection of their Realtors- the person that will ultimately guide them in the biggest transaction of their lives.  Here are the statistics.

How Home Buyers Find the Real Estate Agent they Use:

  • Referred by (or is) a friend, neighbor, or relative 40%
  • Used agent previously to buy or sell a home 13%
  • Visited open house and met agent 7%
  • Internet Site 7%
  • Walked into or called real estate office and agent was on duty 4%

So this is great news for all the real estate agents out there, go ahead and cancel your advertisements, save a bunch of money and retire early!  Well that’s probably a bit extreme.  In fact a good on-line presence will only reinforce the decision that your new clients are about to make when they do some homework about you.   But it does go to show that when you focus on your clients success it will always yield far more future returns than any internet advertisement could ever return.   There is a place for technology in this industry but it will never replace the human connection that we make with our clients.



Real Estate Trends

Real Estate trends show “Millennials” moving to urban locations

A recent national survey conducted by the New York Times suggests that the new generation of home owners is shifting its interests to a more urban-styled preference. The majority of those surveyed preferred attributes such as walkability, a wide variety of housing choices, and nearby shopping, restaurant and transportation options. This new wave of young adults, also known as the Millennials, differs drastically in their preferences compared to the many older residents from the baby boomer generation. How it will affect nation-wide real estate will be very interesting.

Why Such a Sudden Change?

The majority of this new generation is burdened with excessive student loan debt. This transfers to their city-like preferences in real estate because the demand for jobs is considerably higher in more populated areas. In addition, the amount of licensed drivers has dropped considerably in their generation so good walkability is a must when choosing a property to rent or purchase.

Victims of Hard Times

The Millennials are being compared to those who had to endure the Great Depression. The group consists of people who are 18 to 34 and must deal with a wide array of financial burdens. Beside the mounting college loans they must make payments for, the recession, rising unemployment rates and stiff competition for jobs make the younger generation comparable to the people of the 1930’s. It is hard to tell what direction the Millennials will branch off toward, but the amount of home owners for their age is dwindling. Perhaps small, inexpensive apartments are what they must deal with at the moment.

Rural Homes Are Not Going To Be Left in the Dust

While factors such as student loan debt, high levels of unemployment, and lasting repercussions of the recession drive people to search for homes located near urban areas, the Millennials are also interested in suburban developments. While there is a greater chance that younger potential home owners may be searching in the city, they will also be looking at suburban houses that many older residents from the baby boomer generation will be looking to sell. With everything said, there is not enough information yet about this recent shift in preferences. The Millennials are too new of a generation to conclude anything drastic about the real estate market.

Get Informed 

The real estate market is a continually changing industry. It is important to consult those who have valuable experience in the field, especially if you are going to be a first time home owner. Housing Helpers can assist you with buying a new home while offering you a diverse selection of properties to rent or purchase in Colorado. Top of the line advice concerning selling your home is also available. If you are interested in real estate, please do not hesitate to contact us at (303) 545-6000 and one of our Real Estate Agents will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about our services.

Boulder Colorado Housing Helpers

When searching for homes in Colorado, keep your eye on the PRIZE!

If you’re looking to buy a home in Colorado, you’ve likely already realized that the internet is drenched in an overwhelming amount of tips, checklists, real estate websites, and forums full of advice for your situation. For better or worse, this is a recipe for information overload.

This post will attempt to condense, compact, and configure the best advice and present it in a simple format for your sanity.

As it goes with math, information is always more enjoyable if placed within a wider context. On a similar vein, then, this information will be presented in the context of home buying in Colorado.

But first things first. How on earth does one even start the home buying process? Here’s a tip- contact one of our acclaimed Colorado realtors at Housing Helpers. Our incredible team of realtors would be happy to guide you along this exciting journey.

And whatever you do, don’t lose sight of the PRIZE (Perspective, Research, Imagination, Zzz, and Enjoy).

  • Perspective: Know what you want, but prepare to be flexible. Choosing a house, like everything in life, requires a bit of compromise and a lot of vision.   The real estate market is always in flux.  What may have been a “buyers market” last year is in fact a “sellers market” now in many parts of Colorado.  Our Colorado Realtors can give you the background on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis to help you gain a lot of perspective.
  • Research: Don’t step into this life-changing process blindly. Look up specific features that you want in a home and know what your deal-breakers are. Try to narrow it down to a short list of less than ten key features.  Moreover, get to know your realtor and let them get to know you. Our Colorado real estate agents take the time to learn your preferences so that they can assist you with finding the best possible property for you.
  • Imagination: Don’t forget the potential of a home. The color of a wall or the hideous crown molding can always be changed, so try to imagine the raw version of the places you view. Homes with “good bones” can yield a lot of potential through remodeling, painting, and even a simple thorough cleaning.  But you can’t change the location of a home, so if when you find a home with good bones in the neighborhood you want, take a moment to think about the possibilities.  We have seen some amazing transformations on relatively small budgets.  A little bit of new paint can go a long way!
  • Zzzz: The early bird gets the worm! So even if you’re in the early stages of contemplating a house, start getting in contact with mortgage lenders to get pre-qualified for financing. If your not sure where to start, contact Housing Helpers now and we’ll walk you through it.  Being prepared to make an offer on a home in a sellers market is especially important.  There may be five other buyers lined up to submit offers on the same house that you want.  Sometimes the difference in whose offer will get accepted is based on who is pre-qualified to obtain financing for the home.   Be prepared, be ready to act quickly, and you’ll sleep better knowing that you are ready!
  • Enjoy: Once you’ve settled with a realtor that you trust, relax and take in the scenery that house-hunting has to offer. Consider the possibilities and look forward to what opportunities await you as a homeowner! Perhaps you’ll spruce it up, or simply unwind in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the benefits that owning a home in Colorado has to offer.  Maybe someday you’ll even choose to rent it out (another great thing Housing Helpers can help with), and start to build your investment property empire!

Searching for homes in Colorado can be a daunting task with distractions from every angle as friends and coworkers will be more than willing to share their “expert” advice.  We have all heard the “fish stories” from our friends and relatives of the incredible real estate deal on that perfect home in that perfect neighborhood, which sold for thousands below asking price. Try not to let this chatter interfere with your goals. It is important to focus on what is important to you. And remember, keep your eyes on the PRIZE!

We value the trust that our customers place in us each and every day.  If you are looking for honest advice on purchasing a home, selling a home, or simply have questions about the real estate market, we would be honored to talk with you.  Contact our Boulder Realtors and Denver Realtors today for a free consultation.

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